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Outdoor kitties...

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I'm curious of any of you have cats who are strictly (or mostly) just outdoor cats? How do they survive the winter?

We recently adopted a spayed female and she escaped the first night we had her. She's been pretty skittish about coming in the house, although I do finally have her coming in to eat. But she never stays in for any length of time before she just wants to go right back out. It's not such a big deal right now since the weather is warm, but I'm worried about her this winter...where will she sleep? How will she stay warm?? I'm *really* hoping I can get her comfortable enough to spend more time indoors and sleep inside by then, but I'm not holding my breath.

Any advice? TIA!
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When we lived on the farm, the barn cats stayed outside all winter (except for a few times we'd let them on the mud room porch in very cold (minus temps) weather.

They had plenty of boxes, blankets and other places to curl up in on the 2 floors of the barn - they were fine - grew heavier winter coats in the fall for the winter.
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I have 7 strictly outdoor cats.

They have 2 doghouses. One shed. Then in winter, they are split between the heated shop & unheated garage. I have fighters, so I pick & choose & rotate. They grow thick fur. They always have water.....and I bring out slightly warmed moist food...enough for all to have plently to fill their tummies nice & warm.

I am very excited as this winter I plan to line the shed with blankets, then straw, then more blankets for extra warmth. We also plan to have the shed insulated & sealed tightly by winter....so they've got some extra warm places....esp. for the semi-ferals who opt not to be enclosed in the garage or shop.
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Yup! I have cats that go indoor and outdoor. But when winter comes, they just assume stay in where its warm.
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I have 2 outdoor cats. It does not get very cold here in winter, as in we do not get snow or anything. On the cold days and nights of winter, they sleep inside, but if they are outside, they have 2 warm baskets and shelter by my front door to get out of the wind
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