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Juno is afraid of "Da Bird"

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What a silly cat. I bought "Da Bird" for her and Sweetie who loves it and will play until I get tired. Juno hides under the coffee table or in back of the couch. I even let it lay on the floor and she did paw at it, but the minute I lifted it a little into the air she ran away. This cat has no curiosity about her. She's somewhat plumb and I wanted her to get the exercise. She does like the laser pointer and I can get her to chase it. Does anyone else have a problem with Da Bird?
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Awww that poor little scaredy cat girl When I first started playing with it with mine Ducky was cautious, but I kept laying it on the floor and not moving it so he could see it wasnt going to eat him Now he will play with it without being scared.
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Awww, that's cute! Have you tried paying with Juno without actually putting it in the air? If you keep it on the ground and just move it back and forth... will she play with it? You can work on that, and then eventually MAYBE Juno will like it more.
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Try dragging it along the floor or making slight hopping motions with it (like a bird just moving along on the ground). I think having the thing flying along is probably too much at first.

My two took right to it, my by SIL's cat was petrified.
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Try putting Sweetie in a room so Juno can play with it all alone. She probably figures it's Sweetie's toy so when Sweetie's around she lets her have it to herself. I've noticed this works sometimes with my cats and certain toys.
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Juno has conquered her fear. When I went to work yesterday "Da Bird" was leaning against a wall next to my recliner. When I got home it was pulled away from the wall and was in the middle of the living room. When I picked it up Juno tried to take it away from me. I played with her and she was trying to catch it. Both cats catch it and put it in their mouths and try to walk away carrying the feathers as if it were really a bird. Its as if they think they caught prey. This morning when I got up it was again in the middle of the L.R. floor where one of them had dragged it. I'm glad to see Juno playing, she is a quiet cat and is content to just lay around. Thanks for all the responses.
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Awww thats great!!!
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That's great
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