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"Ebony and Ivory"...with cats

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Hi everyone. As some of you are aware -- and I'm so grateful for everybody's help and encouragement -- we recently became the proud owners of two enchanting and gorgeous Ocicat kittens called Chas and Pherber.

We were a little concerned about how they would integrate with Chelsea, our nineteen year-old Persian but I guess we needn't have worried. I was able to photograph a turning point in the relationship this morning and would like to share...

[Click on thumbnail for larger image]
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i'm glad they are getting along!
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That is so sweet We need more Ocicat pics of the two of them
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That is sweet, a milestone turned. I am so glad everything worked out for you and your family. Continue sharing with us!
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Awwwww there is acceptance
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What a fabulous photo!!! I bet Chas and Pherber love snuggling up to all Chelsea's warm fur - I know I would!

Don't those moments give you the reassurance that you made the right choice?
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That's great they're getting along
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Oh that picture is so sweet!
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Awww, very nice! What a relief for you to know that all will be well!
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What an adorable pic glad to see everyone has become friends
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That is just precious. I'm so happy Chelsea is getting along with the kittens.
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It's not exactly "Kumbaya" yet but it's definitely live-and-let-live as they carefully negotiate territory.

The CFA web site describes Ocis as dog-like in their sociability and devotion to their people and this is definitely true of our two. They are tremendously affable for cats, they adore company and I think these qualities have enabled the transition to go well. All they seem to want (apart from her food) is Chelsea's friendship and the old lady is beginning to feel more curious about them and less uncomfortable.
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