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Kitties Found Under Car - Miami, FL

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Hi, I'm passing this message along in hopes of finding someone who can give two kitties a wonderful home. A client of the grooming/boarding house I go to found these two adorable kitties under her car one morning and she has a 20-pound cat who absolutely cannot stand other cats. Unfortunately, I am not in a position to adopt another kitty right now, so I hope I can find someone who is.

I've passed it to all my cat-loving friends and am passing it along here. People have had problems viewing the image so I am waiting for the lady who found the kitties to send me a JPG. Hopefully, I can have it up by tomorrow. She took the kitties to the vet today to have their shots and to be tested for FIV, etc., and she is so worried that they are just going to put them to sleep.

So for now, the info is: The kitties are approx. 6-7 weeks old. One is an orange tabby and the other in a black and white tabby. They are just precious. They are currently at Sunset Animal Clinic (305.271-4011).
If you are interested in providing homes for these babies or in fostering them please call 305-385-1151. Thanks!!!

Okay, I received the pictures. Here they are!! Thanks again for your help.
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Awww, poor babies... I am sending many that they find homes soon
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Thank you Trouts mom!!!
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They are both adorable, but that little orange baby...oh my
Sending lots of vibes that they find a forever home very soon.

Is it just me or do the orange kitties paws look HUGE?
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Adding MEGA {{{{prayers and vibes}}}} that those two cutie-kitties find a wonderful home soon!! Bless your client for stepping up to the plate & rescuing them
BTW...your siggy The pic and the caption - CLASSIC!!! That would make a GREAT pic for my office
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Wow, I hadn't noticed the paws on that orange kitty. He's going to be a monster! So cute. I wish I could really just keep them all. But besides the fact that I can't do it financially, my fiancee would call off the wedding if I had more than the two I have. And he didn't even want the first one...but he loves them now.

Thanks for the good vibes and prayers.

Thanks catsknowme. I love my little siggy pic too. If I knew how to make it cool like everyone else's I would. And to think I work in an ad agency. But if I stopped the designers to make a sig for me, I think they'd just start laughing and send me back to my office to deal with another client. That would be an awesome poster! Nice idea!! hahahahaha.

I love the kitty scrap downs. They crack me up.
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I just went back and looked at orange babies picture again.
I could be wrong, but I swear I see 6 toes.
That would explain the size of the feet.
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OMG you're right. He does have 6 toes! Wow...even cuter...that little extra toe-man.
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I thought I counted 6 toes...but I've learned to never trust my eyes if I'm not wearing my contacts
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Well, the babies are still at the vet's office. The lady who found them said she gave the doctor $400 to take care of them while he tried to find them homes...I just don't know how else to help...

I hope they find homes. They are so adorable. If I had the space and the money I'd take them...

Wish us luck!!
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The lady I was speaking to yesterday went by to visit the two kittens today and spoke to the vet about her two adult cats. Both agreed that these two would be the perfect match. They will be at the vet's for preliminary tests and are on some meds so as to be safe to take home b/c of the resident cats. And in 3-5 days they should be ready to go to their new homes!!!

I'm SOO very happy for them. Kitties and people! Thanks for all your wishes and vibes and prayers and stuff...I'll keep my fingers crossed that all goes well.
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