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need help with foster kitty!!

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i have taken in a mom cat and her kittens on a temp. basis till the kittens are old enough to go to new homes they are about 9 weeks. there were 4 kittens in all , the kittens started to eat at around 5 weeks and have been going to there new homes yesterday and today all but one that is. i am very worried about her she is eating and has been for awhile but she is very timid she hides all the time and all the rest have not been clinging to the mom and love being held and cuddled but rocksy is either clinging to mom or hiding under the couch she will not let anyone near her the home i have for her is with a child with who is about 5 i am thinking this will not work. i am not sure how to proceed what can i do to help her? the mom is going to a new home but i am waiting for the last kitty to be ready. do you think her temperament will improve? with time or is there something i can do? any advice would be great. thanks
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She may always be a shy scared kitten. If you think the home may night work, explain to the adoptive family that she is a very shy kitten & you are concerned about the 5 year old in the home. Just tyr not to make it sound like the 5 year old is bad with kittens, play up the fact that the kitten is shy & you do not want her to go to the wrong home.
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I would suggest that a shy kitten won't be as much fun for a young child. Though she will be a great adult, she is going to need a lot of work to get her there. As a parent, I would appreciate someone looking out for my child's happiness.
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also another thing, is there anyway she could be rehomed with her mum? kittens do best when homed in pairs, and because this little one is very shy i would only home her with her mother or see if one of the other familys who has her sibling will take her on aswell?
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I agree with the other posts....you could also spend a little extra time with the kitty and show her that humans can be trusted. I have a very shy foster baby, who is considerably smaller than the others. I take him alone and play with him and cuddle him. When he is out to play I sit near him to give him some confidence. He seems to be a little more comfortable and willing to explore. Hope this helps!! Good Luck!
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hi all thanks for all the advice
i did tell the family i had org. that i didn't think it would be a good fit. also i found a new home i think will be great it also has kids but they are in collage the parents are great. also i have spent allot of time with the kitten and she has really improved. i think she just needed a little extra love, time , and attention.
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Way to go! Thank you!
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