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Estimated Due Date?

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I took in a pregnant stray, she was found about a week ago on campus. A young boy had found her and was feeding her milk... She was taken to the vet and combo tested negative, and the vet said she'd be due in about a month. Last night, however, I could definitely see and feel kicking. Does this mean she could be due sooner? She is, very surprisingly, a lap cat so I got the chance to get a good feel.

Also, she has diarrhea. I thought at first it was from the milk, but I am aware it may mean worms as well. Is there anything I can give her to help firm up her stools until she can be wormed? Like burnt toast or acidophilus tablets?

Thanks in advance!

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UPDATE: Worms are confirmed. I saw and removed a 1/2 inch white translucent worm exiting her anus. It moved by contracting and expanding and one end was sort of spade-shaped, I searched a few sites to try to identify it and the closest that describes it is tapeworm but it wasn't near long enough or segmented really? Could it have been larvae? Or something else completely?

Momma cat (haven't really given her a name yet) is quarantined in my bedroom, my other two cats I've kept in the living room/kitchen area. Everything is separate, food, water, litter, etc. They have not had contact with each other unless under the door. Are my other two or myself likely to become infected? Her diarrhea is pretty runny and she has missed the litter box, so I've had to do some fecal cleaning on the sides of the litter box and surrounding carpet (I since put paper down). She also likes to be on the bed and sleep with me, so I'm sort of worried about contracting it or carrying it to my other two.

Any advice? I haven't dealt with worms before and I know I can't deworm her until after the kittens are weaned.
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there is a safe wormer to use on pregnant cats my lilly had it about a week before she was due but because it was so long ago i cant remember the name but you do have to get this from a vet. all i remember about it was it is in a powder form and had to be given in her food.
movement can start as early as 6 weeks and as late as 8 weeks depending on the amount of kittens she is carrying etc.

if it is tape worm that is normally associated with flees aswell.
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Thanks! I'll call the vet about deworming her in the morning!
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I've added your kitty to our "Kitten Watch" thread here: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...122520&page=15
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UPDATE: My vet did a fecal to see which kind of worm it was. The float actually came back negative for parasites, but the stain was positive for bacteria. However, based on my description, we decided to go ahead and use dewormers, and if there is no improvement over time to treat the bacteria after she litters. I was given Drontal but I cannot for the life of me get Patience to take it. What is the trick behind getting cats to eat tablets?

I realize this thread should be over in the health forum now, but eh to stay on topic... kittens still kicking!

And, I finally named her: Patience!
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