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help need ideas

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When we got cooper from the humane society we noticed that he didnt like to be picked up (expecially by the kids). We also noticed that sometimes when he would jump down from something he would kind of meow. Well lately its getting worse he walks kind of stiff leggend at times and sometimes when he jumps down from this he will cry and then just drop and drag his back legs. I am gonna call the vet but need some ideas of what could be wrong.

When we got him he was severly underweight and i was wondering if hi nutrition wasnt tht good if he might have some bone problems in his hips or back legs. Or we dont know what his life was like before just that he was found taped up in a shoe box.

Now plz dont jump me at this but I have been going through a lot of stuff andnot sure that I can handle something else right now.

If its a quick easy fix no problem money wise. But my husband wont spent hundreds of dollars on him and has already said that if its gonna cost alot he will take him back to the shelter.

He isnt declawed so its not troubles with that nor does anything look broken. He has full range on motion when I manipulate his back legs and doesnt seem to be in pain when I move them.

If my husband makes me take him back though he prob wont find a home and will spend the rest of his life in a cage as they are a no kill.

I feel like its one thing after another. I do not want to take him back to the shelter as they wont do anything for the legs anyway. Its just one more thing for my hubby and I to fight about.
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How about calling the shelter to see if they will see him or give you a referal to their vet for a reduced cost visit. If its something fixable and money is the issue I would definatley reconsider having a cat at this time(not to be harsh but no sense in stressing out and having more fights upseting the children and pet(s).
Since its medical depending on the shelter and what exactley is wrong they might use a" progressive medical problem" as a way to euthanize him.
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Well money really isnt a issue unless its gonna cost hundreds. More my husbands issue then mine lol. Just looking for some ideas on what could be wrong. The humane society here doesnt have its own vet.
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they must have a vet they use more often...spay/neuter and sick care cases. The only reason I brought that up is if its a recent adoption they might consider waving the office call. just a thought make sure you rule out lyme disease if ticks are in the area. but besides that I really don't know...Hope Cooper gets seen soon and feels better
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They dont do spays there when u adopt u pay a deposit then you have to get them fixed to get the deposit back. The shelter here has had some trouble and were almost shut down not too long ago.
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I forgot to make mention that other times he seems fine. He runs and plays and everything else just has a problem when he jumps down from something. Although that dont stop him from jumping again.
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how high are the jusmps your talking about. and sad situation with the shelter you might want to go to petfinder and do a shelter search and talk to some of the rescues/shelters see if any know of a low cost clinic
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I have a appointment with our vet today at 3:45 so we will just take it from there. He will do it when he jumps off the couch or the chair.
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