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Would it be stupid to...

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Would it be stupid for us to get another cat?

Background info: My husband and I live in a one bedroom apartment with 2 cats already. Our apartment isn't small, but it isn't huge either. In a year or so we are planing on moving out of here and buying a house. Our financial situation isn't bad right now. We could definitely handle vet bills and the cost of buying more litter/food. Our cats are sisters so they've always only known one another and they are one year and three months old. Nova has to adjust to new cats for some time before she will accept them. It's only seeming to get worse as she gets older. Maybe it's seeing these poor homeless cats around town, but I'm really wanting to adopt another from the shelter. My reasoning is that we want to get another cat anyway eventually, and I'd like to do it before my girls are so set in their ways that they won't accept another cat. Another reason I'd like to get another one right now is that my cats have become quite lazy since they have reached adulthood and I think a kitten would help them regain some of their playfulness. Luna tries to get Nova to play with her all the time, but Nova just won't have it. They'll have their occasional dashing through the apt. after each other but it's never long lived. Also, I'd love another cat. I'd really like to adopt a shelter kitty and give it a life-long home.

So here is what I was thinking. We could adopt a male kitten. From what I understand they tend to stay 'kitten-like' longer, as far as playfulness goes. Also, and maybe it's untrue, but don't females have an easier time accepting males that other females?

So what do ya'll think. Good or bad idea?
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If you are in a 1 bedroom apartment it would be difficult to separate the new kitty for a few days until you can work on slowly introducing him to the girls. It might be wiser (and easier for everyone to adjust) if you waited until you had more rooms.

Either way, whatever you decide good luck! A new kitty would be lucky to be adopted by you.
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I would not do anything till you have a house with more room.

In my experience, females tend to be more territorial then males and usually will accept a male coming in. BUT its not a given thing. You have sister cats - that's different - they grew up together. Being both female you may have a hard time with both accepting any new cat - doesn't matter what age they are.

Ling is 2 yrs old (in May) - Charlie is now 10 months old. We got him when he was 4 months old. Ling STILL has not accepted him totally (like 2 males would be buddies). She probably never will.

That's one reason I want another Ocicat male - for a playmate for Charlie. They both get along with the dog fine - just not each other.

The males I've had (neutered and one breeding male rex) always accepted anyone coming in the house with no or very little problems. They usually hissed a bit at the newcomer for a few days but within a week or two were all playing together.
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We have 3 cats and live in a one-bedroom. I think it all really depends on your cats' personalities. When we adopted Stimpy, we lived in a one-bedroom apartment with Raven & Nabu (who are litter mates). I was very unsure if they would accept another cat, but matching personalities was the key. Stimpy was an adult so he had an established personality, which really helped. Stimpy is also very laid back, while Raven & Nabu are a bit high strung to say the least. So for us it worked out.

I would say if you are serious, check with a rescue or shelter that really knows their cats. A place that can really help you match the right cat to your home. And I would suggest a young adult, just because you can tell what kind of personality you would be bringing in.

We have 3 neutered males.

I don't think cats "get set in their ways" and won't accept another cat. Raven and Nabu were 5 yrs old or so when we adopted Stimpy. So waiting is an option if that would be better for you.

That's my
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I guess the space issue would really have to be something for you to consider. Could you safely bring another cat in and keep it separated for the required amount of time in your apartment.

I have two cats as well and have given some thought to getting a third for the same reason you have, so many kitties need homes. My decision was to wait for awhile until I do move into a bigger place.

However, it is up to you and if you think it's doable go for it, it would certainly be a lucky kitty to come home with you.
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