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Somali Show Update

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Kingston is a Premier! (by default of course since he was the only Somali open). Veeshan did not do as well as we hoped. She only made one final as Second Best Shorthair Premier. There was a Grand Premier Somali there so of course he got Best of Breed in every ring. Kingston did get Second Best of Breed beating out Veeshan in 3 out of 6 rings and he was an open. Our next show will be interesting since both Veeshan and Kingston are Premiers.
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Interesting results and good for you!

I really hate splitting rings between my cats but sometimes that's the only way to go! How many points more for Veeshan's Grand now?
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Originally Posted by Abymummy View Post
How many points more for Veeshan's Grand now?
I think 16 but might be 15. Will know for sure when it is posted on Herman.
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Originally Posted by kitytize View Post
There was a Grand Premier Somali there so of course he got Best of Breed in every ring.
This is an interesting statement for me - and in relation to CFA shows in ID Asia as opposed to anywhere else!

There has been many occasions over here where and Open or Ch will defeat a GC - and of course, many occasions where an Open has defeated a Ch - for example, my Bulan and Dodo as an open has defeated both Stevie and Reecie as BOB - and giving the Judges a choice between Stevie (now a grand) and Bulan (now a CH) I'm pretty sure that the Judges would choose Bulan over Stevie!

Perhaps it's all about the quality (standards) and hopefully not about the title?
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In my year and a half of showing I have never seen BoB giving to a cat that wasn't a Grand unless there was not a grand. Kingston did receive 2nd BoB over Veeshan even though he was an open. I live/show in region 4 which I have been told is one of the hardest, if not the hardest, regions to show in. Lots of campaigners in my region. Veeshan's best show has been in region 6. I am thinking of traveling to region 6 more often to avoid campaigners.
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Compared to when I was really showing (80's/90's) the few shows I've been in showing Charlie, there have been more Opens/Champions taking BOB over some Grand. The tendency still is Grands get BOB, but some judges are doing a bit more evaluating rather then automatically giving BOB to a Grand...that's a good sign to me - shows they are looking at ALL the cats presented.

Charlie got a 6th Best SP premier as an Open - we were surprised and please as it is rare that Opens get Top 10 finals. It did help that his nephew was at the show (in championship) and the same judge give the nephew in the Top 5 Championship the day before She knows a good Oci when she sees one.

Congrats on the finals. Charlie will start collecting the points in August at his first premier show where they do count. Wish us luck. He already has 3 finals (out of 6) in ACFA towards his Grand there (1st adult show).

We are in Region 6 - we have a Minneapolis show in Sept if you want to make the trip - we'll both be competing cat to cat for points
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Region 6 shows I am thinking of attending is Racine, WI - Aug 25 and Peoria, IL - Sept. 8.
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Racine was too far for us - I already did the mapquest thing. We are going to Nebraska (6 hrs) in August. Will do the Des Moines shows but I don't think over 6 hrs driving time would be good for Charlie. He doesn't like riding and so far every time he's gone in the carrier at some point - so we have extra clean up.

He loves the shows, just wish he would use the litter pan AT the shows so we didn't have to clean up in the car!
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