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Something is up with my eye!!!

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My right eye is blurry! I noticed it last night. It felt kind of dry but I just chalked that up to being tired. So I noticed first thing this morning that it still felt weird. When I washed my face and put in an allergy drop it felt fine. Then about an hour or so later it came back. I looked in the mirror and found a white fleck of something and got that out by flushing my eye with rewetting drops. But now I'm still blurry. My eye feels a bit dry.

I don't know if I should go ahead and call my opthamologist? I've got quite a few things I need to do today. I see 'ok' with my glasses on so long as I keep both eyes open. I see much better with my contacs, but there is no way I can use just 1 and I'm sure putting one in the irritated eye is not a good idea. Foo!

Any advice?
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I suggest closing your eyes with a cool cloth across them for 1/2 an hour. Then see ow it feels. Maybe make a late afternoon appointment that you can cancel if it gets better.
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This is kind of random, but sort of the same feeling...

At the end of last week it felt ALL day like something was in my eye...that scratchy feeling, I kept flushing out my eye and trying to see if there was anything in there, and to no avail, my vision was still blurry and my eye still irritated.

Turns out, I had a swollen blood vessel in my eyelid (which I noticed when I was putting eyeliner on because OUCHIE!!! and I saw that it looked like a swollen red vein sticking out).

I just put on cold washcloths off and on through the night and by the next day it felt better, by the next day after that it was all better.
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A friend of mine has some sort of tear duct disorder. Sounds kinda like what you described. It just started a few months ago- it started with her vision being blurred, then it got to the point that when she would wake up in the morning, it would feel like there was sandpaper in her eyes when she tried to open them. I don't know what caused it all of a sudden. She does'nt wear glasses or contacts. She went to some eye specialist, and after a few different eye drops, hey finally have it under control I can't remember the exact name of the disorder, just that it had do do with her tear ducts, and the amount (or lack there of) they were producing.
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definitely don't put a contact in the ailing eye, just in case it is infected. if it's not better in a day or so, i'd see the doc.
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It's just blurry? You don't have a dark area, as if a curtain fell, anything like that? That would mean a detached retina, which would mean you have to call someone to drive you to the ophthalmologist immediately.

But if it's just blurry... I would call them and ask if you need an appointment or if it's safe to wait and see if it gets better.

You aren't diabetic, are you? If you are, then go immediately anyway!
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I'm going to try the cool cloth method for some relief. I do have some eye allergies where I get these bumps under my lids, but they don't seem any worse than ususal when I looked at them. I tried looking at the insides of my upper lid but that one is difficult for me. I can't flip that one gives me the heebie-geebies just thinking of it! Usually those allergies make my eye water, not dry so I didn't think of that as a reason.

It's a little better now but still there. I called my eye dr and the lady I spoke with said that I can wait a few days before making an appointment if it's not better, but to try some lubricating gel drops. I just got back from my errands so I got some from Walmart. There were like a million to choose from, but in the end I was glad I'd looked up Nikki's thread from the other day when she hurt her eye. I went with the ones she said she likes!

If I do have to go in to see the DR I'm ok with that. The head of the place I go is excellent. My best-friend's Mother worked with him in the OR for many years before she moved. He took good care of my friend when she scratched her eye very bad, so I know I'd be in good hands and I trust them over there.
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Good, I'm glad you made the call. Take care...
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Ok it's Wednesday night and I'm still having problems with this eye!

I'm deffinately calling the eye Dr tomorrow morning to be seen. I just can't take this at all!

The quick update:
  • Monday, wore glasses, felt still a bit irritated at bed time
  • Tuesday, felt great! Thought I'd try the contacts to see how I fet. I felt great, wore them till about 7 or 8 ish I think. Around the time I took them out, back to this blurry
  • Today, woke up feeling great for about an hour or so, then went blurry. Decided to put my contacts in anyway to see how I felt. Lo and behold, I could see perfectly with no pain or anything for about 4 hours once I put my contact in!
  • Took my contact out about 7 when my eye was starting to feel irritated again. Tried a cool cloth but that didn't relieve much. DH said my eyeball around the lens looks swollen. It must be because putting that wash cloth against my eye lid didn't feel good. It felt heavy on it. My eye is still not red or anything though.
So that's where I'm at. I'm baffled. My eye is tearing on it's own. The pain has turned into feeling kind of like an achy burning feeling like the oil from my face has gotten into my eye. It more so hurts like on the top of my eyeball.

Looking around makes me feel like I'm wearing a pair of glasses where one lens has fallen out. I'm praying they can see me tomorrow without any issues. It's so hard to do much of anything. I can feel tension in my head from squinting and it's making my other eye get tired more easy too. Unfortunately I'm not sleepy but my eyes sure are. I need a good book on radio or something.

(Please excuse any typos. I'm having a hard time seeing what I type!)
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Are you using some lubricant eyedrops? I think that may be very important, especially when you go to bed -- if there's surface dryness, you could end up with adhesion, and that's no good.

Please get someone to drive you to the doctor tomorrow! I'm so glad you're going...
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My eye is making quite a bit of tears on it's own now. I am still using the drops off and on though.
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Originally Posted by MoochNNoodles View Post
My eye is making quite a bit of tears on it's own now. I am still using the drops off and on though.
Good to hear it's a least a little more comfortable for you!
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I have an appt for 3:10 this afternoon. Please say a prayer this is something very minor and can be fixed easily!
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Sending out good vibes.

By what you describe it sounds like the eye was irritated or maybe scratched and got infected.

I notice that you wear contact lenses. Try switching to glasses for awhile to give the eye a rest. I'm sure the doctor will recommend that too.
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I just got home and I'm typing this with dialated eyes on top of the blurry right eye so bear with me on my typing today.

The DR said it seems to be swelling of the optical nerve. He said that is something that may correct itself over the next few weeks.

I have to go to a neurologist tomorrow morning (they made the appointment for me) and then back to the eye dr's to have them recheck my eyes without them being dialated. He looked at my eye for quite a bit and said he couldn't see anything with the eye itself that looked off. I'm kind of glad about that, but I sure don't want anything wrong with my brain and/or nerves either!

I could really use some prayers on this one!
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Lots of vibes coming your way!
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Oh gosh... many vibes on their way to you. I'm glad you're seeing the neurologist right away! We'll be thinking of you in the morning.
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Ouch! I hope it's nothing serious.

Please let us know what the neurologist says.

I found this link. It sounds like "Optic Neuritis":

You may want to make an appointment with your family doctor too to have your blood pressure, blood sugar and thyroid checked.
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I just looked over the paper that they gave me to give to the neurologist tomorrow. It does say with a question mark retrobulbar optic neuritis and the plan part says sometihng about ruling it out. According to this site: I only have maybe 2 symptoms. But it does say it can come from exposure to chemicsals (like wasp killer perhaps?) or allergic reactions or viral infections. It says it is sometimes treated with steroids. I'm guessing from it, I may be getting an MRI done sometime. I am not a happy camper.
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Oh, Wow! I hope it gets better soon! Maybe it will get better all on its own and you won't have to go through too much more. coming your way!
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I just got home after a battery of tests and what not.

The PA I saw at the Neurologist was very nice and seemed very thorough. I had an MRI afterward and he came out while I was still waiting to check out and told me it looked good. I will have 2 more tests done, but they couldn't be scheduled for a few weeks.

At the eye doctor I saw the one I typically see (the one I saw yesterday was the head of the clinic). I did a few more tests there and he put some dye in my eye too. He seems to think something has just irritated it in the front of my eye because the swelling seems to be there and the back of my eye still looks good. So I have some antibiotics and a few other things. I get to go back on Monday for another checkup too.

Both the doctors I saw today said that the really do not think it is the Optic Neuritis, so that makes me very happy!!!! I'm not in much discomfort today either. But no contacs allowed for about a week he said! I can deal with that!

Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes!
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Oh good news that its not that optic neuritis dealie

I hope it gets better for you!
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I just remember yeas (many) ago when I had my severe eye infection.
My optomist called an opthamologist immediately for an appt ( which took place right after I left the optomotrist's office) I had a weekly appt there for 6 weeks.
I was working with infants and young children at the time and the doc figured I picked something up from one of them.
Get well soon!!
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Wow I am glad it's nothing serious. I hope you feel better soon. Could it possibly be your contacts?
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He didn't really give me any idea what could have caused all this. I'm deffinately starting a new pair when I can get back into them. I miss them!

I was cleaning up some wasp killer and drywall type dust the night this started though. I talked to the neurologist about that and he looked up what chemicals were in wasp killers but said he didn't think that it was the culprit. The drywall stuff might be more likely.
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