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Bringing Kitty Home For The First Time - Travel Tips

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Hi everyone

Im bringing my kitty home in about 2 weeks time. It is going to be a 3 hour journey in the car. My husband will drive and I will sit with my kitty in the backseat. Im going to buy a nice pet carrier for him but I am not sure what to do in terms of toilet facility for him. Do I need to carry a litter tray with me in the car? Is there any sort of travelling litter tray I can buy for him? How often should I let him out of his carrier to let him do his business? I will covering the base of the carrier with newspapers and a soft towel, but in case there is a toilet accident, how do I handle it? I want to make his journey as comfortable as possible. Please advise.

Thank you.

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How old is your kitty? Ever traveled before? If an adult, never traveled, often it can be a very stressful experience for cats. .......
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Ask the person you're getting the kitten from not to feed breakfast, or just feed 1/2 the normal meal.
Demetri spent 4-5 hours in his carrier coming home to me (plane and road travel) and his breeder just gave him a little brekky. He didn't have any accidents and didn't use the litter for several more hours after getting home.

I suppose you could take a litter tray and stop about 1/2 way to see if he wants to go, or at shows I see people have trays in the carrier and the cat lays in the tray.
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Figo is going to be 13 weeks old by the time we bring him home. The Breeder said he was fine travelling to the vet, but I think that journey was pretty small to judge...

I think the idea of feeding him less before he comes is a good one. I dont know if a litter tray would fit in his carrier, but i might carry one separately just in case.
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I would just have a towel in the carrier and an extra one just in case he goes. Also be sure to have a roll of paper towels for any cleanup if needed and a small plastic bag to put it all in.

Please keep the kitten IN the carrier at all times - even if he cries. Everything will be new to him and he doesn't know you yet. If you stop to eat, then you can let him out of the carrier for a few mins, but don't be holding him on your lap when riding.

Post pictures of the new little one when you can
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Hi Golden Kitty, Thanks for your reply. I think it is a good idea, I will do that. I have a couple of pics of Figo on my pc but im trying to figure out how to paste them here lol... I will do it once i figure my way out
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3-4 months old is a good age for travel experience as well as adjusting to a new home. 3 hours is a fare amount of time so you do want to offer water a couple times, food isn't necessary though. Heres what I do when traveling with my kitties......I use the covered litter box, looks like a carrier, and they can walk in there if necessary. You could have one in the car available if needed. Good luck!
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