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Animal Abusers-sad excuse for a person

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I think anima abusers should get the same jail time as if they abused a regular person. I know they dont give as big time with an animal-well atleast here they dont- But they should. How do you abuse a helpless animal? I got 1 of my cats from the street. Hes 13 now his name is willly. When i got him he was pretty bad someone left him in a cat carrier in the rain all cut up from head to toe, his whiskers were all burnt he was covered in feces. He was in bad shape. But i got him to a vet right away got him taken care of and now hes better then ever. Hes still scared of strangers but i dont blame him. I also rescued a dog. He was a pit mix he was on his way to be put to sleep because the owners before abused him so bad. He was also all cut up and had scars everywhere. They were makin him a fighting dog also. They cropped his tail with a rubberband, tied it on and let the rest die off. But i took him in and he was pretty violent but with a lot of training he was better then ever except for strangers he had no trust in people except the ones he knew. Animal abusers make me sick
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They make me sick to my stomach too.

But I always think that there is a special place in Hell for them, so I know they will get what is coming to them after they die.
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Did you see the article on hog-dog fighting? I think it was on www.msnbc.com Who comes up with these ideas?
One of the people mentioned in the article is a US Park Ranger - I hope he loses his job.

I've always been a fan of an eye-for-an-eye in regards to animal and child abuse.
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Originally Posted by Mom of 4 View Post
I've always been a fan of an eye-for-an-eye in regards to animal and child abuse.
I agree, except I want to add the elderly with animal and child abuse. I've always said if someone wants to abuse someone come after me, because I can at least defend myself, unlike children, the elderly, and animals.
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Animal abuse penalties should be made the same as for abusing a human. Then the penalty for abusing a human should be changed to be higher than it is now.

Even abusers of human beings do not always go to jail. Most of the time, actually, they don't.

In general, the law comes down way too hard in some cases, and not hard enough in others--for example, a teenager caught with a bag of pot can get the same penalty as the same teenager killing somebody in a gang shooting. (I'm saying teenagers because in the case of juveniles, the law is especially inconsistent... but the trend holds: Drug offenses are often punished way more than violent crimes, when it's the violent crimes that hurt people much more directly.)

Fact is, the law will never be perfect, especially in the case of animals, children, and other creatures that don't have a vote. That's why those of us who are old enough have got to stick up for those who can't or will never vote. Even a letter from a private citizen can make a difference--I know, because when I was 14, I wrote a letter of appreciation to a Congressman who helped ban partial-birth abortions in Missouri; and I got a personal reply. And I think it was the Congressman who wrote it, too, because he thought I wanted to be a politician! Of course, state congressmen aren't as big-time as national ones, or senators; but aren't those sorts of laws made on the local or state level most of the time, anyway?

I mean, if a 14 year old kid who can't even vote, can get a state congressman to read a letter, surely other people can, too.

What I've always said... Being stronger and smarter gives us the responsibility to protect creatures weaker than us--not the right to use them however we see fit. An animal's life will never be worth as much as a human's in my eyes; but it is certainly not worthless. When you own an animal, you enter into a contract: Take care of its needs; treat it with kindness; train it appropriately; and, if you must kill it, then kill it humanely.

That principle has been around for a long time--there are animal-abuse laws in the Old Testament, such as the law that one cannot muzzle an ox while it works on grain, so that it can take a mouthful to sustain itself... Or the law that one must make restitution for an injury caused to another man's animal... The law that animals must not be strangled to death (and the fact that kosher-killing an animal is nearly painless)... It's a lot of dry reading and archaic legal stuff; but there are a lot of gems in there, and a window into how people lived back then.

We've always known that we had responsibilities towards animals... but there have always been people who ignored them.
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People like this make me SICK!!

I know God has a special place reserved for them......
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I wonder if theres a way to fight laws, well yeah i know i woldnt get far with that lol but i just dont get it, whats the difference between a person and a cat, aside gtom 4 legs and a lot of fur lol. If someone kills a person they g 2 jail or life... well sometimes the courts are werid these days, but theres no difernt with an animal, its still a living thing. I wish there was something i could do about that i cant stand it anymore. My neighbor used 2 feed cats and she make a little shelter place in the backyard for bad weather so they could stay safter. Some kid used to come into the backyards and kill the cats and nothing ever happened to him. Its sick and the laws are just as sick
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