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I love iced tea. Hubby likes hot teas so we get loose leaf teas so we can both enjoy it the way we want to. I have an iced tea maker and make the most wonderful cherry vanilla iced tea in the world. It comes from the Amana Colonies in Amana IA. I bought some on a whim once when we went there and now it's a regular in our house.
We also have1 licorice (strictly dh's I hate the taste), 2 chai (mine) 3 Roobios teas,1 Iron goddess tea,1 Phoenix Iron goddess,3 Oolong teas, 1 Herbal relaxing tea, 1 peppermint tea, 1 Assam Borengajuli tea, 1 Assum Dufflaughur gunpowder BPS tea, and regular Lipton tea. It's all kept in a large bowl(on the counter) painted like a grey tabby.
My goal is to drink it down before we get more too. We bought way to much for two people to drink.