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Stepping in its feces.

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I got a kitten 2 days ago, and it's around 6 weeks old. I saw him defecate in his box earlier and noticed he stepped in it. Later, he did it again and accidentally stepped in it. I'm sure it's normal for kittens to take some time before they begin covering their feces, but I worry about sanitation. My cat sleeps on my bed, plays with my hand, etc. If he's an otherwise healthy cat, is it highly unsanitary? Any ideas?

I can't watch him 24/7 and clean him off every time, so what do I do?
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Congrats on the new kitten!

I've found from reading here that 6 weeks is very young to be separated from its mom. Things happen and it can't be helped sometimes though. Your kitten is going to miss out on some valuable lessons from mom that would have been taught over the next few weeks.

You may have to show the kitten how to cover its elimination products. Also grooming.
Momma cats also teach their babies socialization skills. What's cute as a kitten may not be so cute as an adult cat.

Others will be along with wnderful ideas to help you.
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Thanks for the reply! My kitty was found by a friend outside their house, all alone. I've waited for a kitten for a long time, so I considered it a bit of a coincidence that he found such a beautiful kitten (here's a pic: http://a874.ac-images.myspacecdn.com...686eab8d61.jpg).

So, I can't help that he's so young, but I'm simply worried about sanitation issues. I mean, so far, he hasn't stepped in it enough for it to be visibly noticeable, but I can smell it on his paws, and I've seen him touch it. I don't want to have to watch him constantly to make sure he's not tracking it, but I also don't want to leave him and come back to find he's spread poop all over my carpet.

I'm a bit of a germaphobe, so if anyone has any good ideas, please let me know.
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with a kitten this young its not wise to let him have free roam of the hole house yet un supervised, so set him up in a room with his litter pan, water and food. at 6 weeks his still very young so stepping in his feces does happen, but being confined will lesson the amount he will spread.

you may have to show him more about the litter box, but normally as a kitten gets older then learne how to avoid stepping into his own poop (even if sometimes they might as they get older but will only be very rarely)
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Aww your kitty is gorgeous. If you place him in the litter box, hold his front paws and rub them in the litter making a burying action he'll get the hang of it fairly quickly. It's only happened once that Harry managed to get poo on my couch as it was on his paws; gross but these things happen sometimes! I agree that the kitten should be confined to one room for at least a few days or you may find a few accidents around the house.
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My kitten Jack has just turned 13 weeks and although he digs and covers his poop he still manages to stand in it now and again.

He'll stop standing in it when he gets a bit older don't worry
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Everyone has given some good tips/advice. I agree with them - you need to confine the kitten to a smaller area for awhile. And also because he's so young, you need more then one litter pan till he gets older. At 6 weeks unless they are confined to one-two rooms, they tend to go other places simply cause they can't get back to the litter pan in time.

He's very handsome. Also be sure to schedule him to be neutered at 3-4 months old. And looks like he might be a longhair or semi-long hair so you should start establishing a grooming routine of combing him now (and clipping nails - I start my 3 week old kittens with nail clipping).
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Thanks for the replies, guys. He's very addicted to sleeping with me already (he follows me like a dog, hehe). And he's yet to have any accidents. He gets up during the night, goes to the restroom, and then comes back to bed with no problems.

Like I said, my main fear is the sanitation.
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My little kitten did the same thing once, I got a nice pooey paw print on my clean, white sheets...gross. If I happen to catch him coming out of the box I'll give his rear and paws a quick check.

As far as sanitation, I always wash my hands before eating/preparing food, and Resolve brand carpet cleaner does wonders on carpet/furnature stains.

I agree with the others about confining him to a room for a bit (I used a bathroom), at least while you are gone and can't watch him.
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