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Weight Loss with Multiple Cats

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I have two cats, one who is overweight and one who is not. We've always just left dry food and water (changed daily) out for them. It's always been fine, but now the younger cat, Gracie (f/8) is really starting to get a belly. She's a bit of a glutton. My other cat, Zippo (m/11) is quite lean.

They're older and I want Gracie to be healthy and live a long time. Everything I read says take the food away from her and feed her several times throughout the day to control portion, but Zippo tends to eat like a bird, and he'll walk away from food. I worry that she'll just end up eating his food, and he'll lose weight and they'll both get stressed. Plus they're used to eating several times throughout the day, and with my work they could only be fed twice a day.

A vet said to feed them science diet, but that gave Zippo bladder issues. They eat a mixture of Purina One for hairballs (Zippo is part Maine Coon) and Purina One for bladder infections. I've tried giving them wet food before, but they always get diarrhea and Zippo just licks up the water and leaves the food (which Gracie finishes all of).

Any ideas?
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There may be different diet foods you can try that will work better with your other cat. Even though he is not overweight he can still eat it. I also have a overweight and a lean cat both eat diet food and there both fine with it. There are other diet foods that will probably make your cat repond better to it. Sometimes with my lean cat i'll get him alone in a room and give him some regular food also because he loves it. But i dont know how your cat would react with eating 2 different kinds. My cat doesnt have a problem with it. So speak with your vet again see what other foods may work out for the both of them.
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