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Can my cat have Green Tea?

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I drink a lot of green tea, and when I leave it sitting somewhere, I've noticed of my cat will actually drink it. Before now, I've only ever had to watch my water, but the other day I found him going at it.

It's decaf and unsweetened, just de-caff green tea brewed in water. Is this anything I need to be worried about, or does it not matter (except that I may not want it again :P), or could it be good for him?
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As far as i know its not bad as long as its de caff and not sweetened at all. Although i realy wouldnt recomend anything but water for cats. Green tea is said to help a lot of stuff suppose to be healthy. A little in monderation wouldnt be bad just not an everyday thing. Animals really arent ment to drink much else except water. But i've known some vets to allow there animals to have some green tea to cure certain things. So as far as i know i'd stick to water but he can have a little in moderation. I dont drink green tea so i really dont know tooo much about it.
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I wouldn't worry about it, if he's only having a few laps (I think thats still the term??) then it shouldn't be a problem. It won't kill him or cause any problems if thats your concern. Basically your not making his own adult size cup of tea and letting him drink it. The tiny amount he could ingest before you catch him, is too minute.

I caught Diego putting his head in my glass of OJ the other day, so I watched him, coz thought just curious, finding out whats inside. Then the little brat started drinking it My OJ
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Charlie likes to sample my tea - his fav is Vanilla Caramel and yes its got caffine and sugar in it. But he only takes a sip or two at the most
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