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Product review

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I've been seeing ads for this, on TV and when I saw it at Target, I decided to buy one:


So far, I've used it on my upper lip and chin and it DOES take the hair off, with very little discomfort. It is certainly cheaper than the epilators, that I've priced. As for the claim of the hair staying off, for weeks, that remains to be seen, as I only bought it on Wednesday.

So far, my only complaint is that the battery cover broke, when I installed the batteries but, a piece of tape cures that.
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I've never tried it before. I'd be interested to try it for my "uni-brow"
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I've seen that. But I use a home wax kit on my upper lip and chin and it gets even the very short hair.

Tweeze, tweezing and waxing all pull the hair out by the root. The hair will grow back and it's normal rate of growth. So if you are like me and have rapid hair growth, the hair will be gone for a week or two. You don't really notice it initially when it starts to grow back because it is growing out with a fine pointy tipped hair instead of the blunt cut ones you get from shaving.
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I don't have a problem with this (I'm kinda hairy but it's superfine and blonde... like an excess of peach fuzz) and I feel like it'd be too much trouble for eyebrows.

Is that true? Or would it be useful for eyebrows? Regular twezing takes so long. What about your......... bikini area

I do have to say, that these commercials are my favorite example of what my sister and I call "it's soooo hard" ads, where people ridiculously overexaggerate everyday things to sell something that makes it easier. Like eyebrow plucking is an hours-long toil that you may not survive.
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They don't recommend it for eyebrows (doesn't say WHY). For those, I use an eyebrow razor and just pluck those few stray, wild ones. Waxing has been leaving me with some skin irritation and redness, so I thought I'd try this.
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i'll be interested in your input, because i've been intrigued by those commercials, too...
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c'mon now Cindy! You just got me using those disposable wax strips & now you want me to try this?!
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I forked out some $$$ and bought an ergonomic tweezerman tweezer for the unibrow but would be interested if it does seem to work......
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