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Christmas Eve DT

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I have a lot to do today so, I'm jumping in early.

First of all, Merry Christmas to all!

The sun came back, today but, we have a 20% chance of snow, tomorrow. I hope not. Mark and Sam have a 40-mile drive to our house and people get crazy, when it snows here.

Sam has a doctor's appointment, today and we should find out what sex the other twin is. At least, I'll know if I need to put ruffles on both rompers or, just one.

We're going out to dinner, tonight, with Bill's sisters and their husbands. I haven't met Susan's hubby. I'm told that he's a druggie and beats her. This might get interesting. He'd better behave - Joan's hubby is a retired cop and Bill is a gentleman.

I have to pick up our dinner, this afternoon. I'm going to vacuum the living room furniture and cover it with sheets, until tomorrow. It is not a good idea, to wear black velvet, to our house.

I'd better get moving. Have a good one, all!
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Merry Christmas Eve! I get to leave work early today - at 1 pm, so I have time to bus home and get ready for tonight at my parents. John and I decided that even if his mom doesn't want to celebrate Christmas we will not let it ruin ours and we will drop by to see them with well wishes and presents. Last night I attempted to decorate presents with Merlins help. All bows and ribbons now have special Merlin teeth marks to make them collectors items. I hope every has a joyeous holiday. I probably won't check in for a few days, but you never know!
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Happy Holidays to all! Everyone stay safe during the holidays. It will be a quiet one for hubby and I this year. His mom was finally released from the nursing home and is now at home with full-time care. She still cannot get out of bed by herself, but at least she won't be throwing things at the nurses. She was getting really ugly and combative (as much as you can at 96 years old with a broken hip) I think they let her out to get rid of her more than anything. The plan is to cook dinner over there tomorrow- but Mike and I begged out. The house still smells of cat urine, though they went in and put in new linoleum and carpet- they did not remove the effervescent smell of cat pee and other nasty stuff! The thought of even eating over there gags me.

At least all her ferals but a few were captured while she was in the hospital. She has four left that are now spayed and neutered. That was our Christmas present to her. She got to keep the healthiest cats.
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We had some Christmas Eve day excitement at the nursing home I work at this morning. A hot water pipe in a corner of the lobby suddenly broke and water was pouring out all over the carpet. This happened at a time when everyone was really busy, but fortunately, two residents who were in the lobby at the time realized what was happening and notified the staff. All the available staff came running with blankets to lay on the floor to keep the water from spreading further and we also moved all the furniture out of that area. Everyone from maintainence got there right away too and they were able to get the water shut off quickly and call in a plumber for additional help. 1/2 hour after all this started they had managed to get the carpet almost dry again and were working on the pipe. A little later there was no sign anything had gone wrong.

We were really lucky this didn't happen on Christmas Day since there is there is only one maintainence person on call for holidays and there wouldn't have been any available plumbers. The entire lobby would have ended up getting flooded!!!!!

Have a good Christmas!!!!
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Not sure what is going to happen here at Christmas. Just found out that my grandfather has now been admitted to the hospital too. He has pneumonia. They inserted a scope into his lungs because he is also coughing up blood??? And, the have inserted a hose to drain his lungs. The doctor says he may allow him to go home for Christmas but he must leave the hose attached.

I was pretty upset at my grandmother. Bless her heart, she means well but he was admitted at 4:00am yesterday and I just found out today about it. She says she didn't call because she did not want to upset me. With everything going on. But still....I hate when I am kept in the dark. Yes, I'm upset....yes, I am fed up of everything happening at once and yes...I want it all to stop but, I still feel I should be called immediately when something happens with them. They live 15 minutes away. And, they are all I have left of mom so.....I think I should know. *sigh* Neither one is very healthy so I am worried about them.

I will be completing all my wrapping tonight. Have to. I am skipping church for the first time in years. I am just too tired. I look awful too. I think I should stay out of the public's eye until I get some proper rest.

Rented the boys 2 Christmas movies. And I think I am going to have Steven help with the wrapping.

Wishing you all the Best!

Ady...I am glad you are going over to see your MIL. She will appreciate it.

Cindy, hope you have a great dinner!

Hissy, I don't blame you. I would also have a problem eating there. it is too bad they didn't do something before putting down a new floor.

Lorie...That's what I call team work!

Vikki: Hope you are enjoying your TV time with kitty.

Talk to you all real soon.
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Well, I am done wrapping for now, and I thought I'd take a break before making the shortbread. Much to my amazement, I'm not the only one here! I hope you all get to bed early tonight so that Santa can leave you all the wonderful things you've been hoping for. We're going to get snow tonight, so I guess we'll have a white Christmas in PA. Since it's Christmas Eve, and I am a sentimental type, let me tell you all that you mean a lot to me. Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas!
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*sigh* I am not really into Christmas this year, really. Today has been a little emotional with Angel being gone only a few weeks. And I HATE to beat this issue into the ground, but I am just down right sad still.

So...I am working until 6p this evening running Leeza Gibbons Christmas special on the air. How fun. Then Roger and I are going to my mother's and then to church with them.

Tomorrow we are going to be with Roger's dad (his mother died in 84) at some point..don't know ANYTHING about the day tomorrow.

This is not the typical christmas for me. We have ALWAYS gone to my step-dad's side of the family Christmas Eve and then stayed there over night. Then we would continue on to my mother's side (my grandma). This year is different for various reasons. Primarily because my grandma isn't exactly welcoming Roger. She LIKES Roger, but she is very old school and Well, according to her, Roger and I aren't married..so..there you go. And I KNOWWW I am not leaving him behind.

So...Merry Christmas, I guess!
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Jeanie, I think I will be on here on and off most of the night. i wrap one gift and come and check my emails.
Since you are all done your wrapping, care to join me out here and help me???

Carrie, you are doing the right thing. Leaving Roger behind would be a wrong choice. It's too bad you have been put in such a situation.
Remember: Angel is watching over you...chin up and try to enjoy Christmas a little. Make her proud!
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Thank you sooo much. That really means a lot to me....I am kind of having a hard evening without her with me this Christmas. I am trying hard not to bring Roger down, but I am sad Knowing Angel is there (and I have had the signs with the fur!) helps, too.
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Carrie...just wondering how you are doing and how your Christmas went. Hope it all went ok.
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It actually went well once I got into the swing of things. I think part of my issue Christmas Eve was that I was so tired. That can really take its toll emotionally. It was really nice being able to be in our own home for Christmas, too.

I think the highlight of it all was when Roger gave me a gold locket. Inside: a picture of Ashley (cat) and on the other side, Angel. He had pictures shrunk so they would fit....I couldn't believe it

Thanks so much for asking It is VERY VERY nice and reassurring that you guys are out there and care!

I hope your Christmas went well, too!!!!
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