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Meet Onyx

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Here is the story on Onyx

But here is the new resident

Day 1, first feeding


I am so mad this one turned fuzzy but its still too cute to post

More to come..
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Originally Posted by ProudKittieMom View Post
Ya, my mom has to work some "magic" on my dad

OMG this cracked me up Your Dad ALWAYS loses when it comes to new cats. I LOVE it!!

Onyx is sooooo handsome, too! He doesnt look too skinny, in the pics anyway. But you will certainly have some weight on him in no time.

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Look at that precious baby! Onyx is one very beautiful boy and I just love the last picture of him licking his chops, adorable!
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He is so sweet! I guess I need to follow up on his story!
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nice looking kitty,, glad your dad lost.
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He's gorgeous! I'd be taking him in too!!!
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Isn't he a beauty!! And bless your hearts for looking after him

Tell your dad we love him as well for caving in
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