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Has anyone else seen this? It's neat but kinda pricey:

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cute but I could buy alot of different carriers for what that cost ...
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Yeah, I'm pretty sure someone posted about that not too long ago... it does look kinda neat, but doesnt seem very practical - looks uncomfortable/difficult to carry when used as a carrier and we all know how picky cats can be when it comes to beds... at this point in my financial life, haha, I wouldn't drop the money on it... maybe one day when I'm rich (HA!)
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yeah, i posted this last month i think. it is adorable. probably very uncomfortable to carry (but aren't all carriers?) and expensive - but seems comfy.....

maybe when i make my millions....
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I wouldn't want to carry that thing! It really looks uncomfortable

And I've got a normal rectangle soft-sided carrier that is easy to carry and you can carry on your shoulder very comfortable too. But for your shoulder its better for smaller cats (under 10 lbs)
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I've got a soft sided carrier for Oliver too (even though he's 15 pounds, haha... but the carrier is regulated for his size)... not extremely fashionable, looks kinda like a gym bag, haha... but I leave the front door open (there's a top one too) and there's an airline blanket folded up inside and he often goes in there for a nap - he's actually gotten to the point where he'll "pack himself" when he knows we're going on a trip, lol - no sturggling to get him in the crate... so I'm basically using it the same way the sleepy pod is advertised, but space wise it fits better in my room and it's easier to carry... was much cheaper too
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