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Explosive #2!

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I am sorry to be so full of questions today! This is a particularly graphic question...caution!

My kitten has had diarrhea for about 24 hours, I was worried as it is. Just now, he came up onto the bed and smelled horrible. He was covered in poop, all over his paws and his belly, even his side. I went into the room where we keep the litterbox, and there was bits of poo everywhere! On the closet door, on the inside top of the litterbox cover, the carpet, and a little in the actual litterbox. What is going on? The E-vet doesn't give advice over the phone. I gave him a bath, cleaned, and I've made sure he's eaten his canned and gave him a bit of chicken broth to keep him hydrated. I hope this isn't serious, but I can't think of any causes.

We got him about 2 weeks ago, switched his food right after we got him...but the diarrhea didn't start until yesterday morning. He was just at the vet on Wednesday for his testing and his rabies shot. Gums are a light pink, everything else seems normal. He has a slight eye infection which he is now on antibiotics for.

Sorry again for the million questions!
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Sorry to hear that he's not feeling well. What kind of antibiotics is he on? Oral ones...or just eye ointment?

Most oral antibiotics have a tendency to cause some digestive upset...Clavamox especially. If it's bad and/or continues, I would call the vet first thing tomorrow and ask about it.
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My Gracie has to take antibotics ( amoxicillian ) fairly often and they do sometimes cause diarrhea.

You might want to call your regular Vet in the morning and tell them what's going on.
I know the very first time Gracie had to take antibotics she was supposed to get 2MG liquid and it really upset her tummy, I called the Vet and he told me to give her 1 and 1/2 MG instead and that took care of the tummy upset.
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I agree that you should call the vet in the morning. Do you know how to check for dehydration? Simply "tug" the skin above the shoulder blades. It should snap right back down. If it does not then your kitty is dehydrated. And being dehydrated is not a good thing for a little kitty.
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additionally, unflavored pedialyte [generice is fine] is better than chicken broth. hope you had/have good results at the vet's!
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