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Mean or playing?

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Sometimes when I go to bed my cat get riled and runs around the house. Then when he gets in bed I'll go to pet him and he lunges at my arm and bites. I don't know if he's being mean or trying to play but he lays his ears back some and leaves bite marks. He's never drawn blood though.
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Chances are hes playing. If hes never been violent before then no reason he's bein mean. My cat does the same thing but what i've noticed is when hes running around the house like a nut even after he comes into bed hes not fully done playing and sometimes if i go 2 pet him he will do the same. I let my cat calm down before i pet him, usually dont take long. If he come into bed after playing dont pet him right away bring your hand out like if you were petting an animal you've never seen before, let him smell you for a minute. And he should be fine. This works with my cat. They just love to play
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Two of my three cats will do that when they're all wound up and have energy to spare.
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Cats are more night creatures than daytime
Thats when my cats go crazy LOL. Sounds like a couple of horses running around loose in my house at night!
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I think he's playing. My kittens start acting like that (running around, biting) right when they see me getting ready for bed. Cats I have had in the past did the same thing
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