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RIP Little One

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On my way into work today, there was a small black and white kitten on the road. I stopped to make sure he was gone, and he was, so I placed him on the sidewalk in hopes that maybe his owner could be alerted of his passing. I didn't know what else to do... It must have happened not too long before I got there....

RIP sweet little one. Play happily at the RB....
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AWW, bless you for moving him out of the road.

May the little one RIP.
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Awww, poor little guy.

Rest In Peace, Little Baby.
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RIP little kitty
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Rest in peace, sweet baby.

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How sad.

RIP little one
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The poor baby. I think i would have brought him home to bury him because being a kitten he shouldn't have been out so young

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So sad when you see that
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Thank you for moving him. R.I.P little kitten!
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Awwww, so sad. May he RIP
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RIP Sweetheart
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RIP, little one.

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