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Libby gave me a scare yesterday!

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Yesterday when I was going out to get my HP book, Libby decided that she wanted to go outside. When I opened the door she zoomed out, ran up the stairs, and then after I got her down from the 3rd floor and tried to get her into the aparment, she zoomed through my legs and ran to the first floor and went out on the front porch.

I live in a crowed neighborhood, and cars are constantly going down my street. I was so scared she was going to zoom out into the road. But I guess all the people outside spooked her and she ran back into the apartment building. I quickly closed the door downstairs, raced back into my apartment and then got an interactive toy and got her to follow it.

I was so upset I closed the bedroom door with her in there so I could cool down, and hopefully she could. I called my husband on the cell phone told him what happened and called our mutual friend.

She came over (she's had 8 cats, currently has 4). I had a squirt bottle that I use to do rollersets, and she put water in it. She told me to open the door, and when I did Libby tried to get out again. But before she could my friend got her in the butt. She ran for the table. My friend then told me to go into the room, and then she opened the door. As Libby was making a run for the door, she got it in the bottom again. She ran away from the door. She hasn't gone for that door since.

I since found out that Libby is a feral kitten. Her mom was feral, and she was rescued. I wasn't clear on if Libby was weaned from the mother, yet, but the previous family got her from a shelter. I also learned that father and the son may have hit Libby when she bit or scratched them. And the 8 year old girl would stare in Libby's face and then run away. The cat thought this was a game and the little girl was terrified. Libby was in indoor cat for 7 months before the family decided to let her stay outside because they didn't want to deal with her.

Since the incident we've been trying to pet her, but using cheese as a reward, so far it's working. While she eats the cheese we can stroke her a few times. It's not much but it's a start. I was besides myself before I talked to my husband.
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Glad you found a way to stop her from running out the door.
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