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Ear mites

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I'm fairly sure Tiny has ear mites. He was a stray, and had fleas; he's shaking his head and scratching his ears, and I found a lot of little scabs on his head when I went over him with a flea comb--I assume this was from scratching his ears before I clipped his claws. Today I looked in his ear and saw a bunch of gunk in it--dark debris, which I think is also a sign of ear mites.

So I'm getting him checked out on Aug. 7 at SICSA, which is basically an animal-rescue organization that does low-cost spay/neuter and vet visits, and which, if he tests negative for FIV/FLV, can help me find him a home. I can't afford anything more expensive unless it's absolutely necessary (in which case I'd end up with a lot of credit card debt).

From what I've read, ear mites are an annoyance, but not very dangerous unless they damage the eardrum. I haven't seen anything that says you can really treat them at home--and I have no experience with cleaning out a cat's ears, which is what you'd have to do before you apply medication, anyway. So:

1. Is waiting until Aug. 7 going to be OK? I will keep his claws clipped, so he doesn't hurt himself anymore.

2. Can I do anything to help him feel better until he gets checked out?

Poor thing... he's scratching his ear again. Help?
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The kitten we just rescued out of a ditch had earmites. Please go and get him treated ASAP! The vet will probably give you some drops to put in his ears 2x a day. It's important that you try and get the black gunk out first, otherwise the medicine won't do any good. Get what you can out with a cotton ball and use an ear solution cleaner after that to get the rest. My kitty ended up getting a bad ear infection from the ear mites, so get it done soon so you don't eat up with another problem. Good luck!
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Of course it would be best to get to the vet, but I don't think it would hurt to wait if you need to.. Cleaning out the ears should be easy enough, and ought to help his ears feel a little better in the meantime. Just use a cotton pad (or ball, I just find the pads easier) and wipe them out. Ear cleaners might make it come out easier, but getting the cotton just a little damp with water ought to be fine (just not very wet, you don't want water standing in the ear, since that could lead to an ear infection).
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