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My cat keeps pooping in Random places..!

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I've had my cat for about 6 years, found her as a stray hiding under my car.

Anyways, since I found her in 2001 till up about a year ago, she was fine using the litter box all the time. I never had to train her, she knew how to use it.

Then a year ago I moved into a house with another cat, and the two cats had trouble using two different litter boxes. They would use each others or just go on the carpet.

Ever since Ive moved out from that place to a 1 bedroom apt., she still goes in the litter box, but sometimes she doesnt. I really dont get it. I clean her litter box every two days and she has no problem using it at times. But sometimes she just poops on the carpet for no apparent reason. After she does this, I scold her and lock her in the bathroom which has the litter box for a few hours, but it doesnt seem to be working.

Any suggestions?

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Personally, I'd clean the litter box more. I have 5 cats and clean the boxes I have twice a day. I know it's not for everyone, but I've read that cats don't generally like going if it is yucky smelling because their noses are inches from the litter.

Try scooping more if that doesn't do the trick, then I'm sorry but I'm lost for more information for you.
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I wonder if she needs more than one litterbox? I know that some cats don't like to deficate in the litterbox that they use to urinate in. I too would clean it more often than every two days. My cornish rex likes hers cleaned every time she goes. If it's even a bit dirty, she will sneak around and go in other places. I ended up getting a littermaid and we haven't had any problems since we got it.
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First, please do not scold your cat. They, unlike dogs, do not understand why you are yelling at them, why you're locking them in a room, or why (God forbid) you're hitting them. They just don't get it and won't understand, and it may lead to bigger problems down the road.

Second, are you sure she's not having a problem? I had my cat a few years with no litterbox problems. Then one day, I found a terd on my bed, or in the middle of the carpet. I thought she was just not going in her litterbox. Turns out, she was constipated. The poo would come out but only 1/2 way while she was in the box. She thought she was done, and it would fall off her butt and onto my bed.

At least they're not peeing in random places......

And as for the litterbox cleaning, I have only one cat and it gets scooped every night before I go to bed. Cats don't like to dig around and feel their own lumps of poo or smell it. If I left it for two days she'd certainly be grossed out, as well as I.

Keep an eye on it and maybe you can try new litter, cat litter attractant (a miracle I hear), or I'm sure someone else can suggest something. But please, no more scolding, no matter how mad you get!
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I would also suggest 2 boxes...preferably at least one of the 2 should be uncovered IMO.

I would also clean it at least once a day, if not twice.

If that fails, a common cause for inappropriate pooping is constipation. There could be a medical reason for her behavior.

Also, scolding doesn't work. Even if you caught her in the act, all that scolding would do would be to encourage her to find a more private, hidden place to poop - where there would not be any humans that would do confusing things while she was doing her business. Sorry, but they just don't understand that type of communication and they only learn from positive reinforcement.

Good luck.
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All of the above plus try some Cat Attract litter. I have a sick boy that started pooping outside of the litter box because he was ill. I used the Cat Attract additive and he hasn't done it since.
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