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Vibes for my friend, please.

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I have a dear friend and former coworker that is very ill. It is one of those cases where they know what he does not have, but cannot pin down what he DOES have. He is going through some kind of chemo to try to help his body absorb iron, but it does not seem to be helping. He is losing weight rapidly, and is beginning to go downhill.
He has been caring for a mother and litter of kittens, as well as a full grown Scottish Fold that has been abandoned. They have bonded into a lovely little kitty family, and the SF male protects the mother and kits from the other strays in the area. He brought home an abandoned baby red tabby and the mom is nursing it as well as her remaining ones. One of hers was bitten by a snake and had to be PTS to stop its suffering as it was going to die a horrible painful death anyway. My friend was devastated. He cannot work right now, so I have been helping him buy food for them. He spent his last dollars for vet care to have the suffering kitten PTS, and they are jerking him around on his AFLAC payments.
He is so worried that if something happens to him, the cats will be left to fend for themselves or worse. (This is the same place where the maintenence workers were going to try to flush Scooter down the toilet.) I would gladly move them to my yard, but we are scared that they may try to return to their familiar area. If it comes down to worst case, we would likely risk it, though.
I truly believe that caring for these cats is what is keeping him going, and giving him something to live for.
Could we send out some healing vibes to Robert and his cat family? Thanks so much!
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If the hospital he's dealing with can't figure out what's wrong, then he needs to go somewhere else right away! Doctors are not created equal: what mystifies one may be perfectly clear and treatable to another. The same applies to hospitals. Please take your friend somewhere else tomorrow!

Here's why I feel so strongly about this: one morning last week, we were told that my 59-year-old uncle was in the hospital in the small Ohio town where he lives, and he was dying. He was in renal failure and was not expected to live more than a few days.

I asked why they weren't taking him to the bigger, better hospital in Columbus, where he had been treated for cancer three times. I was told, "Well, this is the big new hospital here in town, it's a very good hospital."

Nonetheless, after some persuading, they did Careflight my uncle to Columbus -- despite the concern of his doctors that he might not survive the trip. He arrived barely conscious, unable to speak, and in severe renal failure.

Now his kidneys are working again (after some sort of injection directly into them -- I don't know the details yet), he's doing so well that he's out of intensive care, and they're talking about sending him home in about ten days!

The moral of the story is, never accept a negative opinion. Get a second opinion, and a third, if necessary -- keep going until you find someone who can help, or until you die, whichever comes first.

And if these doctors can't even figure out what's wrong with your friend, then they clearly can't help him. Please help him get to someone else!

And yes, of course, many healing vibes and hopeful thoughts are coming his way...
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Aww! Many to your friend. I agree though, that a second opinion is needed!!!

I will pray for your friend, and his kitty family.
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Many vibes going his way. I will keep him in my prayers!

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Sending vibes to your friend and the cats.
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Oh that`s sad

I hope they hurry up and work out what`s goin on.

Lots of healthy vibes coming
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