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I feel so bad ...

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Quill has taken to being outside on the upstairs porch. He loves it up there so we leave him out there for about an hour without him trying to go onto the roof, sometimes he goes on the roof but he knows that he'll be yelled at and just goes back to the porch ... well anyway ... we left this morning to go on a little day trip. I thought I had let Quill inside, but when we got home at around 3:30 he wasn't anywhere to be found.

Then my mum went upstairs, heard Quill crying and there he was on the porch. The poor guy was out there for a good five hours while we were away. He LOVEs it up there, he'll just sit around under the chairs and groom and sleep and stuff but he had no water or food and he was kind of ticked at me.

I'm sure nothing would have happened, but I still feel bad that he was out in the heat. There's little shade out there. I gave him an extra huge bowl of water with ice cubes and he's playing in it now. I hope he's feeling better and I know he's smart enough not to jump off the porch but still ....
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Awwww, it wasn't your fault!

He was being sneaky (as they all do) and it was simply a misunderstanding.

At least he's safe and sound now!!!

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We never leave the house without counting kitty noses... and there've been a few times when the missing nose turned up in a closet or locked in a bathroom, so it's a good thing we established the nose-counting policy!
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I wonder if he will want to go out there today?
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Awww. Poor Quill.
I`m glad he`s ok and I`m sure you`ll be forgiven at food o'clock
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Cable spent about 5 hours in the clothes closet yesterday. she went in when i got my clothes out for church, & i didn't realize it. forgot to do the 'nose' count before i left, too came home, put down some formula for the kitten, heard muffled meows [thought it was Firefox, to tell you the truth, but she came running] so i went investigating...
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