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Huni's kittens

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Huni and babies are beautiful and it looks like at least one baby is going to take after Mom.
Huni looks so much like my RB kitty, Lizzie that it made my heart skip a beat when I looked at her picture.
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Oh my!!! Look at all those calico girls!!!
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Ahhh!! So adorable!! I'm in love
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Aww, look at all of those cuties!!
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They're such cute little things, and what a good Mommy Huni is.
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Awww! They are so cute! There is one the looks like my Reyah girl! Well, a little darker than my Rey Rey girl, but how precious!!
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Wow, pretty babies! I'm partial to little orange guy (girl?). He/she is pretty, eithr way.
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Oh my gosh, such pretty babies!!!

btw, I adore that blanket you have in there!!! How appropriate!!

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Oh my I love the calico girls!
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They are all adorable, but I'm so in love with that little orange baby.
I have a "Thing" for orange cats.
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In the first photo, that poor mama kitty looks utterly exhausted. What a difference as the days pass.

I dearly love the calico but they are all so precious.
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they are precious and of course the mom is gorgeous! Look at those pink paw pads. Are you fostering them or is she your cat?
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Wow, I just love all their colourings
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Huni is our own family cat. She is only just over a year old herself.
I knew she would produce beautiful babies because she is so lovely herself....
Day 5

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Bless her, just look at her watching over her babies.
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Huni is spending a few minutes on her own now and again.

The little darlings are growing fast....
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Oh My Goodness look at the pile of precious!
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Huni is like the rest of us Moms...sometimes you just need a break from the kids!

Oh my, just look at those little pink paw pads and those chubby little bellies.
They're adorable.
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I think the box they are is too small.......lol

We have others ready ....but it is her choice......

Thanks for looking
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Oh my goodness....there needs to be a HUGE cuteness warning....I almost died from the cuteness of those preciousl little babies
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Oh my Lord!!! So are you prepared to keep all these kittens? I don't see how you could part with any of them.
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I would love to keep them all- but sadly not possible.
We will keep one or two!
We have had interest from friends so I think we will be looking for 3 to be loved by others....

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oh I see. they sure are adorable, though.
was this an "accidental" litter?
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Finally got Huni to move into a bigger box!

Tahanks for kooking
Chrissie & Huni
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OMG, they are just too cute to bear!

I'm joining the queue for the little orange one.

What a great idea for a thread. It's neat to watch them change, and they they have changed so much in just over a week!
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Oh my, that last one is the perfect photo I want all those little girls! Huni is just precious.
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I know, they are all so adorable but that little orange one is just to cute for words.
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