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Cats Attacking One Another?

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Hey everyone,

We have two domestic shorthair cats. They are from the same litter, and we got them as kittens. So they have grown up together. One is a male, and the other is female. They are both spayed /neutered.

About a month ago we moved, since then we have noticed that the male will sometimes attack the female without any provocation. The male will jump on the female and bite at her. Recently he pulled a rather large chunk of fur out of her. While it doesn't seem like they are playing (alot of hissing, yowling, biting, scratching etc...and a lot more intense than when they play), the male has never actually hurt the female cat. Still, out of caution we seperate them by putting them in different rooms.

We bought a feliway sprayer and have been using that, but the attacks are still occuring.

Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this?
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Could be because of the move. When i moved my cats changed. Sometimes with cats they get territorial over where they live and when u move them they sometimes get stressed and show it in different ways. So when they move they show there frusteration by acting out. As for how to help them its hard with that. I had the same problem with my cat soon as we moved he started err violating my girl cat, we asked the vet to see if there anything we can do not much you can do. He needs to get settled into the new place and realize thats where his new home is. Just give him pleanty of attention let him know its ok. Play with them together get them bonding again like they used to.
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