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Keeping Cat Out Of Dish Water!

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Toby has always had a fetish with water... I keep the sink in the upstairs bathroom with about 1 inch of water so he can drink from it, and he sometimes joins me in my showers or bubble-baths... But lately he has developed a new and somewhat annoying habit. Whenever I'm doing the dishes, he wants to splash and play with the sink bubbles! I must admit, it is rather amusing... But still, it's a bit difficult to get your dishes clean whenever Toby is attempting to wipe them dry with his own paw, or wash off the last of the spaghetti sauce with his tongue, or splash bubbles in your face!

Anybody have any suggestions on how to keep him away while I'm trying to do my dishes in solitude?
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Hmm...I don't know. Does he eat canned cat food? I would try a can of food at dishwashing time.
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It sounds very very cute to me. I would smile and give him a hug and kiss. He'll probably get down when you do that. He's only trying to help you.
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It does sound adorable to me too! And me being one of those pet mama's that allows pretty much anything to happen cuz "how can you say no to that cute face?!" I'd probably just deal with his attempt to help, haha... could you maybe give him some bubbles in the bathroom sink to play with while you're doing dishes in the kitchen? (of course not too much water to prevent accidents or messes, but enough to distract him) Or maybe put some water and bubbles in a dishpan and put the pan in the bathtub and he could play there? The food distraction sounds like a decent idea too - I just personally try not to get Oliver on a set wet food schedule so he's not expecting/begging for it at a certain time or event every day - he gets his wet, just at random times (dry kibble's always available to him since he's an "eat when I'm hungry" kinda guy and not a gulper - just like my dog, they're so easy to deal with!)
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Cats can learn what your preferences are if you're consistent. If he's really in the way and you really want to get him out of there, then shove him off the counter every single time you're doing dishes. After a couple weeks of this, he'll get the idea and get out of the way of his own accord as soon as you start running hot water.

As an example: I dont' want Rocket and Twinkie to sit in my lap when I'm eating snacks while watching television, because they just make a nuisance of themselves trying to get my snacks. After using the above procedure, they now just sit patiently on the floor while I'm having my snack and then jump up when I'm finished.
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Beandip: Good idea! I may try feeding him at dishwashing time. With just me, dishes don't take long, but I always end up sopping wet thanks to Toby!

Mcat: I doubt it... I don't really want to encourage him to do this...

Buzby: I may try that too! Maybe put some bubbles in the bathroom sink so he can play in there instead.

coaster: I can try that too... just pick him up by the scruff of his neck and plop his silly little butt right back down on the floor. I'll do this if he ignores his food to come play in the sink.
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Aww, that sounds so cute. I have to say I would probably let mine 'help' too, if they were so inclined. You have gotten good advice, probably one of those should work.
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Kelly Anne - sorry, I think I was misunderstood -- it's not a good idea to pick up an adult cat by the scruff (except as a last resort.) Just take your hand, push him to the edge of the counter so that he has nowhere to go but down, and he'll jump down just fine on his own, thank you.
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