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7/22-- What Did You Eat Today?

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Okay, a new WDYET!

Breakfast: A burnt bagel and half a can of Del Monte sliced pears...

Dinner: I BBQed two steaks on the outside grill, fried up some taters with onions, added a fresh green salad, and a jug of sun tea with sugar and lemon. (An improvement from breakfast, I'd say... ) We ate special because my boyfriend and I always eat Sunday dinner together...

Dunno what's for supper yet... but I'm forseeing Domino's Pizza in the near future...
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All I have ate is part of a shepherds pie.
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Originally Posted by catlover19 View Post
All I have ate is part of a shepherds pie.

Mmm, I love shepherds pie. I think I'll ask my mom to cook some next time we're visiting them.

Breakfast - package of fruit snacks

Lunch - Quiznos classic italian sub.
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ok well I was sort of out of oder today

Breakfeast (if u can call it that ) A chocolate chip cookie

Lunch- A left over Arby's sandwhich from last night

Dinner- 2 bowls of count chocula cereal
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Early breakfast.a tiny small piece of leftover birthday carrot cake and coffee

Late breakfast half cup cheerios with blueberries and half cup raspberry yogurt

Lunch..... small hoagie consisting of ham, cheese, tomato, onion, basil, a little oil.

Dinner...........gnocchi sautéed with spinach, walnuts, chives, basil, lemon, salt, chili powder, garlic, onion, and two glasses of white wine.

Hopefully I will not be eating anything else tonight because I am tooooo fat!
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Breakfast = a couple of KitKats
Lunch = chocolate chip cookie
Dinner = Udon noodles

Not much time to eat at all yesterday 22/07.
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breakfast - cinn/rasin bagel

lunch - south beach sesme chicken wrap

dinner - grilled chicken marinated in italian dressing, and a baked potato.
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My pizza just arrived! Thick, hand-rolled crust with extra cheese, onions, olives, green peppers, sausage, pepperoni, and canadian bacon. And to go with it... a tall glass of ice cold Root Beer.
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Breakfast was a big greasy eggs/bacon dealy

Dinner was roasted chicken, stuffing and mashed potatoes

I had a popsicle for dessert
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Turkey Meatballs covered in Tomato Sauce and lots of parmesan cheese!!!!


That's it for today, maybe I should go try to find something else to eat!!!
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Breakfast was a big greasy eggs/bacon dealy

Dinner was roasted chicken, stuffing and mashed potatoes

I had a popsicle for dessert
I wish I had ur dinner That sounds sooo god
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Breakfast was piece of sprouted grain bread, an egg, and tea.

Lunch was... I was running errands and didn't have lunch. I had some cherries and a piece of beef when I got home.

I had a fruit spritzer mid-afternoon.

Dinner was a bratwurst sausage, a corn on the cob, and a green salad.
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Today i had chicken/spinach bolognaise that i cooked up last night, made a weeks worth and froze it. I also have a sweet&sour chicken stif fry leftover, might have that for dinner
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Hmmm, gosh, hard to remember all day long. I'm not a 'mealer', I'm a 'grazer' this is not necessarily in order:

1) Throughout the day-munched on baby carrots from the bag. probably a half cup all told.

2) A good dry cup of pretzel sticks while surfing the web.

3.) With intent to have a snack-Three dried cherries. they were awful or i would have eaten the entire bag. Something went wrong in the processing process.

4) Intent to have a snack continued-half pint of fresh blueberries.

5) While watching an exciting movie with lots of car chases-shared half a bag of butter flavor microwave popcorn with the kiddo.

6) throughout the day- finished a complete container of Deli Select roasted turkey breast slices.

7) Split a taco bell combo #9 with the kiddo for supper.

8) A sugar free jello cup-nighttime snack.

9) half a banana-was the morning 'walk snack' for fuel for pushing a double stroller for a couple miles.
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Breakfast: none

Lunch: cold mac-n-cheese

Dinner: crackers dipped in french dressing and parmesan

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Okay i'm updating my list of food...i've had ALOT of maltesers...

uuuuuuuuuuuuu chocolaaaate
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Breakfast : Buckwheat waffles with blueberries for the garden... a glass of lemon aid with a touch of cherrie juice

Lunch: hambuger with no bun ( lettuce wrap) with pineapple and tomato

Snack: carrot juice

Dinner: blueberries, tofu, matzo and choc chip cookies
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Yesterday I had:

Breakfast: nothing

Lunch: half of an Arby's turkey and swiss market sandwich and a few curly fries

Dinner: small piece of John's steak, half of a ginormous potato and a salad
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