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Cat pee problem

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My Hubbys aunt has a problem with a 12 year old cat peeing on things and would like opinions on what could be wrong so I'll post her some of her emails on this and hopefully someone can help her and give her the information she needs.

Dear *****, Oh help we don't know what to do!!!!! I was cleaning
>>>>downstairs and noticed the throw that was across the downstairs
>>>>sofa was all strangely rumpled. I went to straighten it and it
>>>>was all wet from Cami wetting all over it! 2 of the cushions were
>>>>wet and I'm taking them outside to put cleaner on them and then
>>>>hose them off. I have the covers in the washing machine right
>>>>now. And THEN ***** discovered that the upholstered swivel rocker
>>>>which the kids have by the computer was all wet also. It cannot
>>>>be saved. We ALWAYS have to keep the downstairs bedroom doors
>>>>shut because she will go on ANYTHING that is on the floor. Even
>>>>stuffed animals! And she also got on ***** bed and wet on there.
>>>>I spent an hour steam cleaning it and them flipped the mattress
>>>>and put a plastic cover all around it. I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO!
>>>>We had her at the vet recently and she said some cats are very
>>>>territorial and just will do this. Do ********* ever have
>>>>this problem? Is there a spray, do you think? I can't bare to
>>>>just give her up! She's almost 12 years old. Is that old for a
>>>>cat? Well just let me know if you have any suggestions, PLEASE!
Hi *****, I read up on this on the internet last night. We Have
>>never had a problem with her not using her box and I'm sure it is
>>her marking her TERRITORY as she has always been very picky about
>>strangers coming in the house. I bleached and then scrubbed her
>>litter box and brought it upstairs and am going to keep it in the
>>computer room. I am not going to let her go back downstairs. When
>>we are away I will just keep her in the room where her box is, I
>>also moved her food and water in here plus her favorite chair she
>>likes to sleep on. We use that cedar litter, I think made by Fresh
>>Step. It's the best litter I have found and really hides odors. A
>>little more expensive but worth it so I'll put it to the true test
>>having it upstairs! One of the articles I read said to lay plastic
>>over the area where the cat is marking because cats don't like to
>>go on plastic. Cami LOVES to go on plastic!!!!! It is the one thing
>>we can NEVER leave laying on the floor!!!! Plastic shopping bags
>>are her FAVORITE THING!!!!! Isn't that funny? She can probably
>>smell other people's scent on these and I thought that it reminded
>>her of her litter box liners. That was one article I didn't agree
>>with. Well we will see how the upstairs move works. She has NEVER
>>going on anything upstairs. She is in our bedroom and sometimes
>>there is a pair of jeans on the floor and she never bothers our
>>stuff. I still would like to hear if **** has ever had this issue
>>with their cats so let me know.
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I'm sorry she's having this trouble. I know it's frustrating.

She said that the kitty had been to the vet, but for this type of problem at 12 yrs old, anything less than a urinalysis and full "blood panel" is not enough to diagnose the issue. Those tests must be done to eliminate the medical reasons.

More often than not, inappropriate peeing is a medical issue.

I assume the cat is spayed?

Cats do love to pee on plastic, I haven't seen one that doesn't like it.

Twelve is not that old for an indoor cat. They can easily live to 20+ years. There are several common issues that can pop up around this kitty's age, though. For the most part, the issues are easily treated when caught early. Some of those common issues could also cause innappropriate urination....like diabetes and kidney disease. Both of those conditions cause the cat to pee very copious amounts very often, so the cat will often find other places to do it. Again, a full blood panel (including thyroid function) and a urinalysis are very important. They should be done periodically at that age anyway, every year at least.

If the medical issues are ruled out, I would question the type of litter, location of boxes, number of boxes (one kitty should have at least 2 boxes ideally), etc.

A cat with urination issues needs a litterbox that is attractive for *them*, not humans. To me that means basic scoopable litter, unscented, in an uncovered box....with no liner.

I hope it helps. I would definitely revisit the vet for more thorough testing first.
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Thank you. I'll let her know this. She's a very tidy person so I am assuming this is very upsetting to her.
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once any medical problem has been ruled out, have her try either the Cat Attract litter or the additive - Chip hasn't pooped on my bed since i started using it!
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