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My New Sig Banner

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I made it myself

I decided to keep Tiny's name as Tiny, because I can't stop thinking of him as Tiny... Don'tcha love that second pic? He's fast asleep in it!
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Very nice! He's beautiful!
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Isn't he? I love his little white chin...
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LOL! I'm always telling Mitties, "Look at your funny white feet! They're so silly!" because it looks like she stepped in white paint. Kitties... couldn't live without them!
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Yeah... it'll be sad to give him up when he finds a place. But someone with actual money for vet bills, and a landlord who won't throw him out if he finds him, would be a better owner...
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Hopefully he won't find out.... but you could always say you're just watching him for a family member for a couple of days... but hopefully he won't find out at all. I wish landlords would be more open to pets these days, but I can understand that some pet owners are irresponsible. I had to earn my landlord's trust for 3 years before he finally let me have a cat. I was about ready to tell him I'd pay extra $$ a month to have a cat, but glad it didn't come to that!
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Yeah, mine had a really bad experience with cats. The last tenant had two kittens, and they didn't use the litter box, nor the scratching post--the carpet had to be replaced in two rooms, costing him thousands! On top of that, the kittens left fleas for me to take care of.

Tiny, on the other hand, has never used anything but the litter box; he took to his scratch pad almost immediately; and he even let me clip his claws. But my landlord doesn't know that...

I want to get a pic of him using the scratching pad--it's so cute! The catnip smell has probably gone; but when he first got that scratching pad, the catnip made him go into a frenzy of rubbing and purring and digging claws into it!
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*bump* Would like comments on design/style--also, if anybody knows how to get the graininess around the text out, I'd like advice on that. Won't bump any more after this.
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