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Sudden skittish/startled behaviour

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Hi, Not sure if anyone can help... my 5 yr old female cat has started to become startled by noises within the last couple of weeks. She will turn suddenly to her left as if she is about to chase her tail. I originally wondered whether she had mites or something but she isn't scratching herself anywhere. I will take her to the vets but just wondered if anyone else had experienced something similar with their cat?
Thanks for reading. Jill
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Hi Jill and welcome to the catsite!! Her behaviour could mean a lot of things,but I'm wondering if you have treated her for fleas lately?? The reason I ask...my Lil Bit is extremely allergic to fleas and will often be walking,or sitting,and turn around like someone has pulled her tail,kinda like what you described. That's my clue that it's time for a flea treatment. Lil Bit doesn't scratch either,but she does pull her hair out if she isn't treated soon enough.
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I did Frontline her last week so I would have expected that to have killed any she may have had. I'll use the flea comb on her to see if there are still some lurking though. Thanks for suggestion and for once I truly hope I find some fleas on her because I've been thinking all sorts... she's going blind, deaf and even tumour!!!
Regards Jill
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Sounds like you are one of us "worry-wart meowmies". One more thing I thought about after you replied....have you noticed any change in her litter box behaviour? My Anna recently had a urinary tract infection. Of course she had the usual urge to "go" every few minutes,but she would also act like something was biting her rear area,or sticking her with a needle.Anyway...I hope it's just one of those "cat things" and nothing serious!
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