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New Kittens

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I just brought home my 2 four month old kittens. They are soooo cute. Both are light orange. Named Calvin and Hobbes. I have a question: I have 2 wicker hutches and both have found them to be the most desirable place to sharpen their claws on. Any suggestions on how to keep them away from my wicker. I bought them a scratching post but they rather use my wicker.

Thanks for any help!!!!
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Hi Tara!!!
Welcome to The Cat Site!!! I like the cute names you picked for your kittens. My cat, Snowball, has a sisal (rope) scratching post which works out really well for us. I rub a small amount of catnip into the scratching post which enourages him to use it too. I'm sure the other members will have some other suggestions for you.
Hope to see you posting often!

P.S. Cats really dislike the smell of citrus. You might try using a citrus spray around your hutches which will help to discourage your kittens from sharpening their claws on them.
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Welcome to the site and congratulations on your new additions!

Lorie gave you good suggestions already. The biggest thing is to make sure that they have an acceptable place to scratch. Sisal works very well, and there are a multitude of commercial scratching posts and pads available. My two love the little cardboard flat scratchers that you can get at Wal Mart, Target or any pet supply store. When you see them scratching on your wicker, give them a firm NO, then remove them from the wicker and put them on their acceptable scratcher. When they scratch the right one, praise them to high heaven and maybe even reward them with food treats. You can also play with them on their good scratcher so they get the feel of their claws in it.

I'm going to move this to the Behavior forum where all of our experts can weigh in.
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