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uh oh...new habit..help!

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kitty has decided she likes to pee in daddy's potted tree he cherishes in the living room..i suppose the soil is somewhat similar to kitty litter and the little bugger is only eight weeks old and can hang around in that pot quite nicely with lots of room to spare...she still uses her litter box quite well as too..she's just decided this is her extra toilet...erm help??
pic of the guilty one below to show you what i mean...
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Oh yeah, she looks really guilty

My sister found putting pebbles on top of the soil stopped her cats going in there.
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That picture is so cute! You could put orange peel in the plant either? I think that's supposed to deter them.
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rocks/pebbles sounds like a good idea.
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One of my cats does that. She digs in them too, I come home to piles of dirt on the floor. I saw her attempt to pee in one of our pots once...however, because she's so fat, her back end hung off the pot and she ended up peeing on the floor.

Anyway, I put pebbles around the dirt and she stopped digging/peeing in it.
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Those ideas sound good. Another one might be to cut a piece of window screen to fit in there over the dirt. If there's no loose material available for digging, it probably won't be so attractive to her.
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Pebbles, window screen, or even a round piece of cardboard with a slit and hole cut out for the trunk, would work.

We had a tiny (and I mean tiny!) potted plant on our porch and neighborhood cats seemed to love to go potty in this little plant which held about a cup of soil. We'd go out in the morning and it would be tipped over, with telltale scratch marks and a big dump on top!
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I agree that the pebbles, window screen or cardboard would work well.
I really have no other suggestions, I just had to say how adorable that picture is!
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I use wire that is intended for chickens. Waz was a good one for using my plants as potty areas LOL.
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