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Oh Laurie, what a situation! What really make me furious about this is the fact that they even wanted pets!!!! Why the heck would they want pets if they were going to treat them like that? What's the point!?!?! Obviously they don't give a rat's patootie about animals, so it doesn' make any sense that they would want any

I'm so gald you have Julius back. After all he went through he still wanted to be loved - what a wonderful kitty boy he is

Believe me Laurie, Karma will make them pay for this.
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Sabra, I totally believe that too. The Chief of the Warren County ASPCA called last night. Because of our relationship with the Blairstown Animal Hospital (Gary is now known as "The Cat Man of Blairstown"!), the amount of work we've done with ferals, and the fact that we are not anonymously reporting this and are pressing charges and willing to testify, along with the Vets and the animal hospital, they are going to expedite our case. I'm so glad, because I DO NOT want these people to get another animal.

Julius needs to spend a few more days in the hospital.

I'm not sure what we're going to do after that. I think we'll work out an arrangement with a nearby boarding facility (new, cats only). Depending upon what we can work out, we may actually take Thanksgiving and Magic, too, until a spot in the no-kill shelter opens up (unless we can find people who meet our new very rigorous screeing policy for adoption prior to that).

We've decided to keep Tuxedo as an outside kitty, and if we do ever leave here in the RV, he'll come with us. If we move into a bigger (stationary!) home, he's coming inside.

But four was just too many cats in here, so no matter how much we want to, we can't bring Julius home here. Unless we're re-releasing him outside, and I can't imagine doing that, now that's he's been inside and warm for over a month. He's not part of the "gang" outside anymore, and I don't want him to have to go through the new trauma of re-integrating outside, then being taken to a shelter.... it's just too much.

But, I'm really pleased that the ASPCA wants to work with us, and quickly, on this one.
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Poor Julius! He's been in my mind ever since reading your post. Have you been to see him in the hospital? How is he handling the new environment?

Great news that they are expediting your case!! Things will work out. There are too many positive vibes being sent your way for it not to.

Hang in there.
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I am so sorry things turned out badly for Spooky and especially Julius. But a big WAY TO GO GIRL for pressing charges! Those (edited for family consumption) deserve to be banned from owning animals for life. It's great that your dedication to cats is being recognized and the charges are being expedited. And personally, I think these people deserve jail time. All life is sacred, and if anyone harms or abuses a living creature, they deserve full punishment (Sorry, stepping off my soapbox now).

I'm sending all of you, but especially you, lots of hugs and good thoughts. Many people have said it before, but I consider you (and Gary) angels

Lots of love,
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Christy nailed it. I'm glad you are following through on this!
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