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I am sorry to hear it isn't going so well....maybe they will get used to each other soon...I am still praying too....my thoughts are with you guys!!!!
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Maybe Spooky just got a little tired of being sniffed at. Fred is bad for being a little aggressive in his grooming of the girls, and often gets hissed at and swatted by them. They love each other, but just need their space. I know space is at a premium at your house, so it can't be easy.I don't think we can say too many times how good of you and Gary it is to be caring for these cats. Some of them would probably not have survived without you. I hope it helps that we all wish we could offer more than just words of encouragement. Happy New Year!
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Laurie! You did what you thought was best at the time. Remember hindsight is 20/20. It will take a little time, but they will adjust in time and Juli will fit in as well. There is always an adjustment period. My heart goes out to you, Gary and the cats. I hope everything works out for the best.
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Ady - everybody - thanks, AGAIN, so much. Quite frankly, I'm not worried about the cats. THEY know what they're up to. I'm worried about Gary!

We had a "chat" last night. His whole theory up to now (and hasn't been a problem) is that he's the alpha cat and he'll set the behavior rules. (LOL!) If he thinks he's in charge - whatever. The cats do what they want anyway!

It's just he wanted to interfere with the whole hissing problem. Which, in my mind, isn't really a problem. They've got to work out their issues, and she just wants some space right now. She IS sick of being sniffed at, and she just wants to catch up on some sleep without fear.

The boys have been so good about it - and Munchie just pisses everybody off all the time.

When they get too close, Spooky hisses. They usually just back off. Munchie usually needs a good swat before she gets the message. It all came to a head last night when Spooky got caught unawares that Shelly was right next to her, and she hissed an spat and SWATTED - and, of course, Shelly is Gary's cat. So he yelled "BAD KITTY" - and I said - what the F*&^ are you doing? SHe's just being A CAT, and she wants her space. So he reached over to pet her to apologize, and she hissed and swatted at him! He really started to get mad, (this just isn't going to work, I can't take this, etc.) and I said listen - just give her five minutes and try again. If I'm wrong, we'll send her to the Vets until the shelter space is open.

Of course I was right, and she became a purr baby again.

So... the long and short of it is, he's stopped interfering. She hisses, they back off.

And this morning her hisses began to sound half-hearted, and she's not swatting anymore. Well - Munchie hasn't bothered her yet today, so I can't be sure but...

Poor Gary. He's not really under the illusion that he's in charge of anything - but it really "struck" him last night! (Bad pun - sorry!)

We're going to rescue Juli tomorrow. God forbid those people have a party tomorrow night or something. We're making arrangements to leave Juli at the Vets until things have settled down around here - which may be a few days or a few weeks. Thank God they have a wonderful facility and really nice people. They already know and love Juli - he's such a sweetie.

I can't push Gary over the edge, and I can't leave Juli there.

So we'll let his baby Spooky settle in, and then we'll upset the whole household again.

BTW - it is sure lookin' to me like we're going to end up as a four-cat household with one outdoor kitty as a pet, too.

Gary's fallen in love with Tuxedo (hissy - remember the one that was so disruptive we wanted to adopt him out as a barn cat? - LOL!) Tuxedo is Shelly's brother - a black and white. But Shelly is long and tall, and Tuxedo is short and round. He's so cute! He follows Gary around outside now, and Gary spends LOTS of time out in the freezing cold (not smoking!) to be with him.

I was just in such shock when we went to pick up Spooky. This time we're just telling them not to bother trying to catch Juli, just know which room he's in and we'll do it. Poor Spook was so cut up and terrorized from their attempts to grab her. We don't want a repeat of that. There's so little furniture, there's not much space for him to hide - but plenty of ways for him to hurt himself. I AM glad to say, we're much better kitty parents, and we are definitely MUCH better kitty trappers/catchers!
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Oh, you are really experiencing the trials and tribulations of cat rescue - (((Hugs))). I know this must be terribly hard to have a home not work out for them. I'm sure you two will find a solution. Sending luck your way

One word, and I'm sure you know this for future cases - make sure that anyone that is adopting brings either a copy of their lease or a signed note from their landlord, allowing the pets to reside on the property. I have heard so many stories similar to yours and unfortunately, they don't all call the people who they got the pets from; many just dump them. At least these people did right by the cats considering they weren't being very responsible.
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You already know that I think what you and Gary have done is admirable. But (and yes there is a but there) you are going to have to stop soon adding them to the motor home. You will get so many of these ferals (as they never stop coming) that you are going to have some full on wars soon, not just hissing. The hissing is really a warning to you guys that there are to many cats for such a confined area. I would hate for you two to have to experience a full-on cat fight where the loser ends up in the hospital and you have some pretty hefty bills to settle. Once these cats keep getting newcomers to the group and they see no escape you could have some big trouble. You can't save them all Laurie- no matter how big your heart is. You save anymore, and you might just lose one or two as their feral natures take hold and they fight for their territory.

(This dose of reality is brought to you reluctantly by hissy)
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You'd better start pricing those farms, Laurie! Hissy's right. You can't take them all in. Your heart is bigger than your home.
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Hissy - thank you for the words of caution. We'll see about Juli. All of this is being caused by the fact that there is no availability at the no-kill shelters. Our wait on the list is down to somewhere between 2 - 3 months, and we have 5 slots "reserved."

If we wind up with serious problems around here, the Vets as a boarding facility until the shelter is available is an option for Juli, Spooky and/or Munchie. We are reluctant to put cats that were moved inside back outside - then back inside again. Indoor/outdoor isn't an option for us (dirt, pests, etc.)

So none of this would have been a problem if we hadn't adopted out Julius and Spooky to begin with. Cool catch-22, hunh?

Territory - at least for now - isn't the problem. Poor Spooky has simply been trying to sleep. She has "checked out" the house only twice. She knows where food and water are, and she knows where her litterbox is. When the boys are in the bedroom, she's been in the living room (mostly), and vice versa. Because she doesn't "like" the other cats yet, we feed her separately. So - they haven't actually encountered her anywhere other than her bed except that first day when we let everyone meet, one by one, while she was with me on the couch.

I know Shelly, Lazlo and Munchie are all ferals. But they were all rescued young, and Shelly and Laz had never had their "own" territory, so to speak. The lived in a burrow and spent most of their time playing around the picnic table. They only went on two excursions with mum before we brought them in. Also, I think we may not encounter the same problems we would if we were trying to integrate a cat like Booger into the home. (An older cat used to having a HUGE territory).

I'm not saying we won't have problems or that this is large enough for them - but for a couple of months, hopefully we can work it out. Unless they all get along - then we'll probably be a four-cat home.

As far as I can tell around here, Shelly's actual territory is the box he sleeps in, Lazlo's is the crate he sleeps in, and Munchie's is the crate she sleeps in. Everybody is everywhere otherwise, and they play together at night (noisy buggers!)

We've now emptied as many cabinets and shelves as we could. We've created two levels that consume the isles next to the sides of the bed, and the overhead cabinets over the bed have one meek pile of t-shirts at either end (Shelly and Lazlo love to play up there). We're going to tackle finding a new home for everything stored in the drawer under the couch, and we're going to put the drawer in storage. So they'll gain another whole area in which to hang out, sleep, play, etc.

They have at least 3x the "space" that we do! (It's still not a lot, but we've created a great 3D world for them here).

But thanks for reminding me.
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Jeanie - I guess we'll have to start playing the lottery!
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BTW - Hissy, Jeanie, everyone - noticed the "new" quote in my signature recently? LOL!

I guess what I have to remember is that we don't have to bring them all inside!

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Originally posted by LDG
His whole theory up to now (and hasn't been a problem) is that he's the alpha cat and he'll set the behavior rules. (LOL!)

Poor Gary. He's not really under the illusion that he's in charge of anything - but it really "struck" him last night! (Bad pun - sorry!)

Too funny!

As others have said, you must remember the amount of space you have and the behavioural aspect this will have on the cats involved. Especially now introducing the new ones. There is a limit to most things, and you wouldn't want it to come to a full blown WWF knockdown with the cats (and humans)!

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Just to give everyone some peace of mind...Gary and I aren't animal horders! LOL! (I know no one thinks that, but just making sure...)

It's one thing if we're traumatized - but it's another if the cats are. If it's too much, someone's going.
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I never thought you were a hoarder Laurie, I hope I did not give you that impression. It doesn't matter that the ferals were just kittens when it comes to colonizing, it is in their genetic code to lash out at newcomers, and your lead cat will always be dominant and show the traits of being a leader. This can lead to problems in the future. Out in the wild, they at least have avenues of escape to get completely away from each other, and they have that natural tendency to want to do so.

I am not criticizing you, I am just trying to get you to understand that the true nature of a feral is always in play no matter how tame he or she appears. You violate that personal space issue to many times and you could be in for a world of hurt. That's all...and just like you are finding out, once you open your life to ferals, they start coming to you in big feline tidal waves- no end in sight.
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Sorry Laurie, I've just caught up on this post. Those people must have known they weren't allowed cats - it would have been in their lease - which they signed? Maybe they thought they could get away with it.

Those poor babies!

BTW, I'm a Laurie too!
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Hissy - I had hoped I made it clear that no one gave me that impression - I was just reassuring those who read this thread and don't know me...

I also don't feel critized. I ALWAYS benefit from your knowledge and experience. I NEED you to tell me these things. Let's not forget - my first experience with a cat was in January! My first experience with a feral was in July! I'm certainly no expert, and I have so much to learn. So PLEASE keep it coming! It is because of people like ALL of you and places like this that people like me end up rescuing cats to begin with. And the best part is that I have the opportunity to not make mistakes that wind up with anyone hurt or even traumatized in some way.

And THAT'S why I'm so disappointed about what happened with Julius and Spooky to begin with. Because something we did caused them to be traumatized. I sure don't want to compound the problem!

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Hi Laurie! Welcome! You can bet your boots that if in the future we even try to adopt out any of the ferals we care for that we're taking Sabra's advice!!!!

...and it IS maddening, isn't it!
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We made arrangements to board Juli at the Vet's facility until he comes here for fostering or goes to a shelter.

We pick him up tomorrow morning. We told the people who have him NOT to put him in the crate. We'll do that.
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Oh Laurie, you have a heart of gold...that's all I can say...and my prayers are with you and the furbabies! keep us posted!
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Laurie, I think "criticize" and "animal hoarder" are the LAST things we would ever say about you! You just have a huge heart. It's a shame you are not in a position to do everything you want to do for ferals, but my guess is that you will some day. I think you're really dedicated. I know it must break your heart to have to choose who can stay and who has to leave, who must go outside, and who may come in. You're a very kind person. God bless you for caring about His creatures!
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Thank you for your kind words!!!!


We didn't get to pick up Juli Tuesday. We left NUMEROUS messages. We really started imagining the worst. Gary said today that if we hadn't heard from them by this evening, we were calling the authorities in the morning.

They, fortunately, called late this afternoon. We're supposed to pick up Juli tomorrow afternoon. I'm so scared about what kind of condition he'll be in! I just so hope my imagination is too much.

BTW - Spooky is still spooked by the other cats, but she does let them get near her now. Before, when they were even like a foot away, she'd leap out at them, hissing and swipe at them.

She's also comfortably venturing out of the bedroom to look around. She's eating in the kitchen - not "with" the other cats, but near them. We took the water bowl out of the bedroom, and she comes out here to drink. She's starting to get really comfortable. She's played with one of those ball in the ring things with Munchie on the other side of it, and actually looked like she was having fun playing with Shelly's feet under the door. Little by little!

Here's two pics:

It's fuzzy because the shutter stayed open for a sec or two because the room was completely dark. Spooky's curled up, asleep. Sheldon and Lazlo are just tucked in, staring at her. Poor girl! LOL!
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When everyone decided she was just going to continue sleeping! Shelly left for his new spot (sleeping on Gary's coat).

Spooky woke up a couple of times, so knew Lazlo was there. She doesn't look to uncomfortable about it, does she? LOL!
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Aww that was such a sweet photo! I am glad that she is getting better!

I hope Juli will be okay when you go to pick him up - my heart goes out to him! WHen you get him, give him the scritches that he so needs!
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Cute picture

I am glad that things are getting better for you and Spooky, and I hope that everything goes ok when you collect Juli.

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The B&*%^ called this morning and said "something important has come up, come pick him up right away."

Gary went because I was in the middle of something.

He was left in a crate on top of a pile of garbage. No one was home. We had asked them specifically NOT to crate Juli (because they'd terrorized and hurt Spooky).

He was covered in urine and feces and I will NOT post the pics. He had no water, had food encrusted in his tail, and was panting.

Gary called me almost in tears. He was FURIOUS. He took Juli to the Vet (Juli will need to be shaved, not washed). He came home to get the camera and we both went back there to take pics. He called the police and the ASPCA. We are going to press charges, because we want these people to be banned from owning animals. Thank God New Jersey has strict laws - even for neglect. The best we can hope for is a stiff fine and a three year ban, but I'll be happy with that.

I cried harder than I've cried in a long, long time.

Needless to say, apart from Boog, whose new mum was found through the strict screening process of Maine Coon Rescue, we will NEVER adopt out a cat without seeing the home first. I now have NO embarassment about saying we need to see your home and your lease and everything else. Sometimes they ARE better off with us, even if it is 15 degrees outside.

I am so ashamed this happened. I am also angry.

And the WORST of it is, we took the pics of Juli, and he just rolled over for pets. He just wanted to be loved. And despite his HORRID state, he purred and purred and purred.

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That is just so heartbreaking. I hope that the DA will go ahead with the charges. I really dont understand how people want pets and not take care for them. Do they actually ban you from having pets if you are convicted of animal abuse/neglect? That is such a good idea.
Poor Juli, he must have been so happy to see you which is why he purred and purred and wanted his scritches. Aww, give that love scritches and cuddles from me.
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Laurie, That's infuriating and disgusting! What in the world did they do to get him in that condition? Surely they knew you wouldn't keep quiet about it. Or are they that stupid? Why would they go out of their way to get a pet? The whole thing is maddening and puzzling!
I'm glad you called the authorities. Poor little Julius; no wonder he was so happy to see you!
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Poor Julius!

How can a person want cats and then do this to them?? I'm glad that New Jersey has strict laws & though the fine may never do justice at least it's something.

From this point on Julius and Spooky will be loved and cared for, and this incident will only be a fleeting memory.

((((Hugs for all of you!))))
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I am really having a hard time getting over this. Gary remains furious.

Yes, it is a criminal offense. Unfortunately, the longest ban (no matter how horrible the neglect or cruelty, and surely this is "slight" compared to some stories I've read) is only three years. They don't ban people from owning pets for life. But they should.

However, fines are imposed. If they aren't paid, they can do jail time. I don't know that I want these two to go to jail, but I sure do want them to know that what they did is not OK and they should not be pet owners.

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That is terrible! I don't see how people can be so cruel. I don't think jail is such a bad thing for people like that. At least you know you can prevent them from owning animals for a few years. And your furkids are now safe at home with you.
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I don't know how I missed this latest turn of events. I'm sitting in my office crying after reading about what happened. My mind is numb and my heart is aching. I am so glad you were able to rescue him from that hellhole.
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