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I Have Such Disappointing News

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I think I'm having a bad dream.

We worked so hard on the outside kitties, and we finally got two of them adopted. We were so happy they went to what seemed like a great home together! Julius and Spooky.

Well - got a call. The one thing happened that none of us thought about. Apparently these people are renting their home - and the Landlord dropped by. NO CATS ALLOWED. It's a three bedroom home with a baby on the way - and no cats?

Apparently they're shy, but great. They're not destroying anything and use only the litterbox. They're incredibly loving and total purrbabies. Julius is easily spooked, but Spooky came out to meet guests!!!!


NOW what are we going to do? Gary just keeps saying over and over...

"We can't put them back outside!" Then a minute or two later... "I can't think about this right now..." or "I can't deal with this right now."

I know EXACTLY how he feels!

What do we do?

Gary did tell them to tell the Landlord that they've made arrangements to "return" the cats, but we'll be out of town until the 6th.

What do we do if we don't find a home for them by then????????????????????????????????????
???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???

We're going to have to add that people need proof that they own their home or need to provide a lease that indicates they're allowed to have pets to the adoption agreement!
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They should of known that the landlord wouldn't allow cats! Now these two cats will have to go through the stress of yet another home to live at- if you can find them one that is. How unfair for the cats and for you.
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Oh that is such disappointing news, and upsetting too!

Can you put up fliers or an ad in the paper or in the local free paper that you use to advertise things like selling stuff - here in the mountains its called Iwanna, in NZ its called Buy Sell Exchange - thats how we got Peedoodle. I sure hope that you can find a home for those lovely furbabies!

Or as an alternative, can the owners try and negotiate with the landlord? Like explain to him how they are litter trained, not destructive, etc? And to appease him, mabye they could agree to put softclaws on the cats claws to make sure they dont scratch anything? (declawing shouldnt be an option, in my opinion).

Those kittys deserve a good home!

I will keep you in my thoughts and pray that all goes well for them.
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Oh, Laurie,

I'm so sorry that you have to worry about this. I will be hoping for a positive outcome. We were all so very happy when we heard the news about Spooky and Julius being adopted. I'm a bit confused as to why these people decided to adopt the cats if they knew there were no pets allowed. Hmmmm. I wish I could help you - by adopting them myself, but as you already know, we've got our hands full right now. I'm glad the people called you and let you know. At least you'll be kept infomred of the situation. I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers - Julius and Spooky, too, and wishing them a smooth transition into a new home (soon).

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Could you talk to someone else who could help to place them while you are gone?

Poor babies!
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Sorry about your cats. Here in Germany many of the military casernes have large cat populations. However, the local vets have spayed (or neutered) and provide vaccinations for the cats. Then we donate food to the “feral†cats. Many are reasonably tamed; some are even weekday pets. The cats seem pretty happy!!

Is there such a place near where you live??
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Nippers, we're it around here. Gary and I already practice TNR (trap-neuter-release), and we already provide food, vaccinations, medical attention, water and shelter to the "outside" cats. We work at socializing them so that at least the kittens are adoptable. And they were! And they got adopted! And the poor, poor babies.

Hopefully there won't be any more kittens around here. At this point in time we see no new cats. There is one momma cat unspayed that we know of, and that's it. At least of the cats we see. We've had everyone else sterilized - even all the kittens at this point.

Re: Julius and Spooky. I think we're actually considering bringing them inside while we find them a home. She's already a lap kitty who loves getting her tummy rubbed, and Gary loves that kind of "feedback." But Shelly just turned into a lap kitty, and I'm sure Gary's really worried about making Shelly jealous.

...Some of you may not know, though, we live in an R.V., so we only have about 210 sq. ft. of living space, and we already have three cats. I'm afraid it would push Gary right over the edge. He's been so wonderful - I just don't know if he's THAT wonderful, and I don't know if I even want to ask him to be. It wouldn't be that nice for the cats, either, and it would certainly upset the entire house. We've FINALLY settled into a new routine, after having brought little Munchkin inside a little over a month ago.

It's been pretty cold here VERY early in the season, and though we've put shelters up, we still worry about the outside gang. And now, especially, having lived inside for several weeks... their poor little bodies will be confused, too, not just their minds!

Geez I'm just SO PISSED!!!!!

I'm already networked into the rescue groups around here, so out go the "posters" again. We'll put an ad in the paper, and I'll get their pics back up on petfinder.

I'm just so darn mad at me and Gary AND the idiots who adopted the cats. It's the kittens that suffer. And Julius was just starting to come out of his shell.

And of course, if we put them back outside, they'll have to go through all the scraps with the other three kittens to "get their territory back" and settle on the proper hierarchy again.

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BTW, the soft paws are a great idea, and I'm going to tell them about it. They can ask the Landlord and we'll see. It may be as simple as that.

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PEOPLE ARE SOOOOO STUPID! People with NO brains should not be allowed to have pets let alone BREED. Yes, they should have KNOWN that there were NO CATS PERMITTED! Now they have put these animals in an unfair position. People like that make me so angry! HELLOOOO!! Get a FREAKIN' BRAIN!

I really do hope you are able to find them homes....I felt so bad when we weren at the Humane Society. I wanted to take them ALL home and love them all Unfortunatly the world just doesn't work that way.
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Carrie, you echo my sentiments exactly. But I still blame myself for not asking. You know what they say: to ASSUME just makes an A$$ out of U and ME !

Well, we learned our lesson this time. The sad thing is it's the kitties that get hurt.

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Could you speak to the landlord and educate him on the kitties? Good luck - I know that this is the last thing you thought you would have to deal with!
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Laurie, reading that they can't keep Julius and Spooky brought tears to my eyes. How horrible for those two!

At least you can now say in the ads that they are litterbox trained and do not scratch where they aren't supposed to.

((((HUGS)))) and positive energy coming to you and Gary and Juluis and Spooky.
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Oh Laurie!!! I am SO sorry to hear this!!!! I know how heartbreaking this must be for you when you thought you had found them such a good home!!!! I am sending up prayers that things will work out and that either the landlord will change his mind or you will find another person willing to take them in very soon!!! Keep us posted!!!!!!!!
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Gary wants to bring Spooky home until we can find her a home. He wants to keep Julius at the Vets (they have a GREAT boarding facility there with really nice people in back with the animals) until we find him a home. Or until we find them a home together.

People ask the Vets for pets, and Gary's thinking is they can just show Julius to anyone interested.

But I don't want to "break them up." I think that's a really bad idea. Julius is a HUGE cat, and I mean big. He's already MUCH bigger than Booger, and she's a Maine Coon! That's what's bugging Gary about bringing Julius home too.

If Gary doesn't come around to thinking we shouldn't break up Spooky and Julius, is it better to go with his plan - or to put them back outside together?

????????????? Help!?
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Just saw this post LDG! So sorry that it happened. I didn't get to read every response for this thread, but didn't the people ever consider the landlord before this?

Here in Toronto, that is always the first thing you think about if considering to bring in pets to a rental home.

Poor Spooky and Julius!! Such a horrible situation to be in.

How old are Spooky and Julius? We had to ferrals that we had to find homes for and in the end we had to separate them. If you saw them today, you wouldn't even know they ever had any problems.
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I'm not really sure what to tell you...is it possible to keep Julius at the vets and then if someone says they want him, maybe you could talk to them and tell them about Spooky and how you really hate to break the pair up, and maybe they would agree to take both of them?
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Debby, I think that's what we'll do.

Late last night, Gary and I talked about what to do. My "arguement" was that we should bring them both here until they're adopted. This morning, we were going to bring both of them back here!

It'll be crowded, but: a) we can take pictures of them inside, being petted, playing, etc., which helps get them adopted. b) They're together. c) Gary and Munchie don't really get along, so maybe Julius and Munchie'll take to each other and then we can keep Spooky and adopt out Julius and Munchie. ( ). d) We're on the waiting list for the no-kill shelter. As of just before Thanksgiving, it was about a four month wait. We "reserved" five spots. So - worst case, if it's five in here, the longest it would be is around three months. I know it would break our hearts to see them off to a shelter, but if we hadn't adopted them out by then, they have a much better chance of getting adopted from the Shelter, which does SO MUCH to get their animals homes. (It's Noah's Ark where we made the "reservation.") The five spots: Julius, Spooky, Magic, Thanksgiving and Tuxedo. Although we may consider keeping Tuxedo as an outdoor kitty. We'll see.

...but...by this afternoon, Gary had changed his mind again. And I can't blame him - it would be crowded, it would upset our guys, it is a lot of work to integrate new cats into a home - especially one as small as ours. And we haven't gotten proper sleep since we "got" cats to begin with. He's come a long way from cat-hating, and there is a point that is just "too far."

So. Since we lied about being away on vacation, Gary just this moment called to say we were back early. He just made arrangements to bring Spooky back here. They're going to call to let us know whether it'll be tonight or tomorrow night.

Well, well! - as I was writing this, Gary just "relented" a little bit again! Poor guy - he must be all torn up about this! He said - let's bring Spooky back and see how it goes. If it's not going to work out for all of us, we need to know now. If things go smoothly with Spooky, we'll consider bringing Julius back.

In the meantime, Julius is staying where he is, and not going to the Vet's! I guess if they get an ultimatum from the Landlord (and we haven't brought Julius back here by then), we'll either board him or bring him here. Who knows.

I don't like splitting them up, but who knows if we'd even be able to adopt them out together again?

And Kassandra, to answer your question, they're both about 7 1/2 months old. Lazlo, Sheldon, Julius, Spooky, and Tuxedo are all from the same litter.
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We pick up Spooky at noon tomorrow.
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Please let us know how it goes and I will be praying you find a home for both of them!!!!
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I've been thinking about them (and you two) all week, praying to the higher power to find them good homes. Do you know if the people had talked to their landlord at all about a compromise? Perhaps they could keep just Julius with the condition that the landlord can check back in and make sure no damage is being done to his house, and with a pet deposit to cover the additional cleaning costs when they leave?
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Laurie, My heart aches for you, Gary, and the cats! You have put your heart and soul into this effort. There has to be some justice in this world. Only you know Julius and Spooky well enough to know if they could be separated successfully. I agree that putting them outside is undesirable, so Gary's an angel to offer to pay board. I'll pray that the right solution is found. This is heartbreaking.
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I sit here in shame, and am almost too ashamed to write this story. This thread really ought to be in the feral forum or the S.O.S. forum - God PLEASE let someone learn something from our experience.

Well - it isn't so bad, I guess. But I'm just so disappointed - and I guess, as the red drains out of my cheeks, I guess that I don't really know what we could have done to prevent this. (Apart from the Landlord problem. That would have been easily answered if included on the adoption agreement).

OK. The woman called this morning trying to get out of our coming over at noon to pick up Spooky. Gary had had enough and lied again, bless his clever huge heart. He said we had friends coming in from NYC to see the cat, and that they'd be here only for a few hours in the afternoon, and we REALLY didn't want to miss the chance to get her adopted.

She "fessed up." She said that Spooky had run into the heat duct and she couldn't get her out to put her in a crate. Gary said - don't worry, maybe she'll come to the sound of my voice. We'll get her out, and we're bringing our own crate.

We showed up on time to the minute. The lady let us in. The place was cold, messy, dirty and to us, disgusting. The place stank. The heat ducts are not covered. There was no separate room set up for the cats. The litterbox was a mess. (No wonder the place stank). There were no beds for the cats, no cuddly places - just depressing and sad and I had to contain myself to either not cry or not go nuts on the woman.

The downstairs was three rooms, all of them pretty empty and stark. She said the cats had never been upstairs. I couldn't see Juli anywhere. She said he was in his hiding place under the bed or desk (the two pieces of furniture in one of the rooms). She pointed to the vent where Spooky supposedly was. She was VERY apologetic. Great.

We called Spook - she didn't come. We shook treats. Nothing. I'm the smallest of us - I fished my hand around in the vent. Spooky was NOT in there. It was just a short distance to the tube that leads to the furnace and (fortunately) didn't go anywhere else. It was large enough for Spook to fit in, though. Gary and the lady went into the basement.

No Spooky. I looked in the living room (a couch, laundry basekets with laundry in them, a TV and an end table). Spooky was behind the couch, trembling. We pushed the couch out a little, and Gary leaned down to reach for her. She bolted - and ran upstairs. The woman laughed and said - that's the first time she's been bold enough to go up there! I wanted to slap her.

She went up, Gary and I stayed down. She found Spooky under the bed, and when she went to get her, Spooky ran downstairs and headed straight for the laundry baskets. I reached behind one and got a good hold of her scruff. I reached around, picked her up with both hands (with a really firm grip on her scruff still), and put her right in the box.

Gary and I "chatted" in whispers while she was up getting Spooky.

Me: "Is it better to leave Juli here for a day or two, or do you think we should say our friends are actually interested in both cats?"

Because...while it was horrible to me, it was inside, it was protected, and it was warm. They are being fed - and since they hide during the day, and come out to eat and play at night, what was the actual harm in leaving him there for a day or two.

Because....last night we'd discussed how IF we're going to have all five cats in here, Gary believed it would be easier on everyone, including the cats, if we intro'd one at a time. I can see it going either way.

So.... since Julius didn't seem in danger there, Gary answered out the side of his mouth "We'll call her tomorrow to tell them we've got someone for Juli."

As soon as we got in the car, Spooky poked her nose up to the door of the crate (that was on my lap). Gary couldn't take that pitiful little look, so he opened up the crate door enough to get his arm in there, and he started to pet her.

The purring inside that car was reverberating. She flopped over for him and was kneading the air with HUGE, extended strokes. (And she has black paws and bottoms of legs underneath. It's too cute).

Gary went back to driving, I closed up the door. His hand was BLACK. She was filthy. Gary said - don't worry. We'll get Juli out of there. But he'll need to be cleaned, too, so it's best he's inside, where he is for now.

I think he's right.

The first thing we did when we got home was give her a bath. Well - Gary sat down with her on his lap for a few minutes, and let her roll around and be loved. The rest of the gang were closed in the bedroom.

Gary headed into the bathroom to bathe her. We let them all sniff the crate with her smell in it (well - Munchie didn't wake up or come out).

When Gar was done, I toweled her as dry as I could. She was kneading and purring while I dried her! The poor thing was just so happy to be somewhere else.

Anyway, as I dried her, I noticed a number of cuts on her head, one on her shoulder, and one under her chin. We checked her over thoroughly. No other cuts. THey're not abusing the cats per se. They were fresh, so I'm sure they came from Spooky bolting into that heat duct, squirming around in there, and bolting back out. Poor little girl.

I shut all the other cats back into the bedroom, and Gary came out into the living room with her wrapped in towels. He had to wash her completely twice before no more black came off of her.

She just kneaded and kneaded and kneaded while he finished drying her. Then she decided to take a look around. She was scrunched down and crawled very slowly around - but the fear left her eyes. She was cautious, but not scared.

She checked everything out - then came to crawl up on my lap! I petted the purring kneading mass of fur (now almost dry). Then I set her down on one of the chairs. There are so many blankets and levels and places for kitties around here. SHe snuggled in, and started cleaning herself.

What relief.

I gotta go - we just intro'd SHelly. Well - I suspended the laptop for 1/2 an hour. But she and Shelly are now sitting on the "bird watching" place together. THey touch noses, sniff each other, go back to bird watching together. Knock wood. This intro is going well.

I'll post more later (or tomorrow!)


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Here she is - after her bath, she curled up for a much needed nap.

Here's her first sleep here!
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THey seemed so nice. So caring. So understanding of the whole "give the cats space, time, one room," etc. etc.

Now I'm terrified to adopt out any of them.
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Well, for those of you following this story, Spooky has now met all the other cats.

The meeting with Shelly went really well. He ended up giving her a bit of a bath, then crawled into his box for his afternoon bath and nap.

After he was well asleep, and Spooky had slept a bit more, we put her on Gary's lap (from mine), and I went and woke up Lazlo. He was a sleepy-head, so I just carried him into the living room. I showed him Spook - and I'm not too sure anything registered. But as soon as I set him on the bird-watching seat, his little nose went into high gear! (I love it when they sniff and sniff with their mouths slightly parted. I know they have a smelling gland there, but it's still so cute!) Then I stood him on a box so he was slightly higher than Spooky, but he could reach out and sniff her. Which he did. Then he licked the top of her head and her ear - while she didn't stop purring or kneading while Gary was holding her.

He turned around, trotted into the bedroom, and jumped up into the cabinets. I went in to play with him. We played for a while. Gary put Spook back on the couch. After a bit, Laz jumped down, came out to the living room, inspected Spooky again, and that was that.

So far so good!

I was prepping stuff for dinner, Gary was playing a computer game. Neither of us noticed Munchie come out. I peered over at Spook - and there was Munch, sniffing her butt and giving her hindside a bath.

I'm sure there'll be some hissing as space and territory adjustments take place. But everyone's met - and I know it's soon, but we live in such a small space we'd rather just get it over with.

And it seems to be going well.

Poor Julius. I can't stop thinking about him over at the horrible place, alone now, and scared.

I don't know what's up with those people, but Spooky is the most loving cat I've ever met. I know I haven't met a lot of cats, but this is one content kitty.

And we didn't really have a lap cat! Shelly kind of turned into one a couple weeks ago. But Spooky doesn't want to be anywhere else. (I'm sure that'll get annoying at times if it stays this way - but right now I'm loving it!!!!)
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Laurie I'm so glad you were able to get Spooky out of there. I'm sure Juli will be ok until you can go back for him. Spooky sounds like such a love, I can't imagine how those people could treat her that way. Poor baby girl, and poor Juli. At least intros went well!
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Oh, my heart goes out to you and Gary!

I'm so glad you ended up bringing Spooky home. How could a person live in such an apartment? And as you mention, no questionnaire would reveal this. I think the only thing you could do when adopting a cat out is to do some home visits to see how the person and cat adjust to each other. Then you could see the cat in that environment and see what condition the cat would have to put up with.

When I was reading your post my eyes were tearing up! I wish I lived closer to help you out.I don't know if I would have throttled the woman at the apartment or been able to keep my composure! And to see poor Spooky in such rough shape and black with dirt. Ick!

You can only do one thing at a time, and like you said Julius is warm and fed right now. One step at a time. And look how well Spooky is doing with the new introduction! That at least is a comfort in such an anxious time. I commend you and Gary. Your doing a beautiful job with such heart!

Please give Spooky extra warm and safe snuggles from me!

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Laurie, you have nothing to be ashamed of! You thought you were giving them a good home, and you did the best you could!! It is hard to know unless you actually visit the home what it is really like. I have known some people who seemed really clean and then when I went to their home was appalled by the filth they lived in! You just never can tell!! I was at someone's home once for supper and I accidentally dropped a peice of food on the floor and when I picked it up, it was COVERED in dirt and pet hair...it made me so sick to my stomach!!!!! And they were letting a little toddler crawl around on that floor!!!

I am so glad Spooky is back home with you and I can't wait to hear that Julius is back safe and sound as well! Still sending up prayers that you will find someone to take them both! Keep us posted!!!
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I can't thank you guys enough for your words of reassurance and encouragement. Spook spent last night with us in bed. I almost cry every time I look at her - there's one scratch that's bad enough to have made a teeny bald spot on her head! I have waves of getting mad at myself then mad at those people.

It IS worth visiting their homes when adopting the kittens out! The poor dears would have been better off outside with us.

Things aren't going that well with the other cats! The first introductions went just fine. But it's NOT fine any more!

I don't know enough about cat behavior to know what it is. It doesn't seem like she's scared or anything. The problem isn't the other cats with her - it's her with them. They're curious - and when they come up to sniff her, she was fine the first few times, but not now! Now she really hisses, and swipes them - but hard! But they guys are being so good about it. They're not fighting back. They just back off, and sit and stare at her. Spooky did hurt Munchie earlier this morning. Now Munchie just avoids her.

Unfortunately, this is totally stressing Gary out. I know it's normal - it's just that when we intro'd Shelly and Munchie, it was a matter of hours, not days or weeks before everything fell into place around here. This, I think, is going to take some time.

Thanks again for the kind words! I really needed them.

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Laurie, Spooky will probably be a little "spooky" for a while. You know it stresses them to have so much change in a short period of time. I feel certain she will come around soon if she is given a bit of time to get used to the change. She has your laps as places of comfort, and she is warm and well fed. I know it's hard on you and Gary because of your limited space. Perhaps you'll just have to buy a farm! (Only half kidding!) You two are so good hearted. Please don't blame this on yourselves. Still praying!
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