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Rabbit question...

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My rabbit has recently been spending a lot of time in her litterbox(We use it for hay, so she goes there too)

And well, just a few days ago, she's been scattering her fur around the box, and moving all the hay/litter about and making holes etc

We don't have a male rabbit to of gotten her pregnant, and she isn't around other rabbits at all.

Is this a way to amuse herself? I'm somewhat worried.
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If she hasn't had any exposure to other rabbits it sounds like she might be having a false pregnancy. All my females have always been spayed, so aside from building nests I don't really know much about what causes it and if there are any health concerns surrounding it.
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I see... Thank you.
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When I used to have unspayed female rabbits (this was decades ago before spaying was an option) they would occassionally nest, using fur from their ruff. Like yours, I didn't have males at the same time I had each female, and they weren't pregnant - it was just to do with the length of daylight causing their oestrus cycle to start and then they'd get broody. As far as I know it's normal for unspayed female rabbits to nest.

Personally, had spaying been an option at the time, I would have had my females done - because even though there was no chance of pregnancy, I did find that their hormones could make them aggressive sometimes (much more so than the males I had). I think they'd have been better pets had they been spayed.
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