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Bad cat?

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I have know someone who is at her wits end with a cat. he is 14 weeks old in a multi cat household is aggressive with the other cats to the point that they avoid him and he took over another cats territory. Aggressive with humans in biting to the point of producing blood. Does not cuddle only bites. He is not fixed and not planed to be till he is 5 months old and lives with a '4 years in 2 moths' old human boy who likes to purposely scare the cats. Any advice i could give her?
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no such thing as a bad cat...

they should get him fixed immediately, and try lots of feliway.
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Did this person isolate the new cat so they could get used to each other slowly?

If not then I suggest thay do that. Place the cat in a spare room or bathroom away from the resident cats. Put all the cats needs such as food, water, litter box and toys in that room.

Let the new cat remain in there so it gets used to the new smells of the other cats.

It sounds to me like the new cat is very stressed and scared and is acting out with aggression.

A talk needs to happen with the child. He can not go around scaring the cats that is just going to make things worse. If the child continues then there should be some type of punishment.
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She did isolate the cat and i am not quite sure how slow the integration was. This is 2 months after bringing him home. She said she does have a spry of some sort for comforting the cat/ stop it from peeing. The boy is being punished and I myself gave him a talk about scaring the cats ( i am the boys baby-sitter). i agree that the cat should be fixed immediately but her vet wont do it, does not believe it is safe that young.
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There must be other vets around...
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She is convince by the vet that she has to wait we even told her about the low cost clinic that altered my boy ( and her cats litter mate). I even told her how a did my best to socialize Louie. Louie came to me weaned ( mostly) and able to use litter box but vary little teachings from mom. i had to teach him to play bite, eat wet food and drink out of a bowl. put him through a gentling process, fed him by hand for a week. generally did what was in my power to make him a good feline citizen. and i told her about it too.

she is on the verge of rehoming him ... maybe that would be for the best.
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That's terrible - please convince her to see someone else!
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Every cat I met that was an overactive biter was separated from their mom too young. Their mom would have taught them manners around biting others.

There is a thread about aggressive behavior and has some good tips on preventing biting:

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