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Name Change

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Happy Holidays to all. Did anyone else name their cat (at a young age) and then change the name of his or her pet as their personality changed? We had 4 kittens and only one has the same name.

P.S. For those of you who followed our adoption story…all test negative for Feline Leukemia!!!! Yeah!

Nipper’s Mom!
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My first indoor cat Mimi went through several name changes in her 13 years! She seemed so danty and precious that Mimi seemed to fit her good. Then eventually different names would come and go, but the only one that really stuck was Poody. It came from Silverster and Tweedy bird cartoons..."I taut I saw a Poody tat!". Once we started calling her Poody, the name Mimi never came up again. Strange, huh? She didn't seem to care...she came to us no matter what we called her!
p.s...that's great news about the tests!!
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Striker is always called Gweeky and never Striker because he always makes "gweeking" sounds. The others just get nicknames based on their real names.
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Ronnie (Veronica) was Bernadette for a week, but the s/o hated the name - he thought it was too Irish and too religious. I told him the tale of St Veronica when Ronnie started answering to her name. In between she was Trouble for a couple of weeks, and still answers to it.....

Alf's "kennel" name was Sidney at the rehoming centre, but called Badger, as he looked like one.
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