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Anne! Smilies!

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which email address are you using right now? because i have
tried to email you, and gotten no response (i think, right before, you had your computers stolen)
- is there a new email you are using?

basically, i just want to talk to you about smileys/gif's
since quite a few people have asked me about them.

i havent brought it up because you have seemed quite busy
lately, and even now, it's not a big thing, just something
i wonder if you might consider or are considering.

i have all these smileys, and some kitten gif's as well
that i use in my posts that i thought others would also
like to enjoy (which arent in the smilies legend) i thought
i would put them here, and let you decide if you ever want
to integrate them into the Smilies Legend.

(they are all free smilies & gif's)













anyway, those are the ones i have, and have been using i know it's a big
job, but let me know what you think
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i think too that some of them would work nice as icons as
well as smilies, like laughing and love and music hmm... and others

i dont know, just a thought
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Thanks! They're great!

I will add them as smilies - hopefully later on today. I'm not sure about adding them as icons - I'll see what I can do and let you know.

Thanks again!
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There you go. I'm afraid it messed up you post though

Thanks! I'll go woek on the icons now.
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that's great Anne, but i think you mixed up the blush -

you put this guy as blush2 instead of this guy -

maybe you meant to put redface with embarassed guy?
but put embarassed
guy with blush instead?
'O the confusion of smilies!

and you didnt use my lil as an icon!!!
i thought it made the cutest icon
it's all i ask!

hehe :laughing: :laughing2

didnt like the pukeys eh?! i thought they were kinda cute!

thanks for your work, so many smilies to chose from now, and
now i dont have to copy & paste them anymore!

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I changed some of the codes so that they wouldn't clash with the ones I had... (believe me - fixing clashes took quite a long time! ) I'll see about the blush guy... I just got up and I can't really remember what I meant to do last night (I need my coffee!!!)

No, I don't like the pukeys (they make me sick they do really) and as for the heart icon, do you think it should come instead of the paw or the indifferent face? I don't want to add another line of icons.
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i think the heart icon would work better then the indifferent, i like the paw

that's just my preference :clown:
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or what you could do ? maybe, i dont know, but my
idea is, just add one more row, giving more selection!

so there are 7 in a row, how about

:laughing2 or :laughing: or (i dont really care)
or :confused3

just an idea, i dont know how hard that is, or if you want
that, but, this is just my suggestion

(i just really like the little heart as an icon idea!)

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here are some more of mine :

- :grin:
- :hehe:
- :flower:
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Blue, can you please send me the last smilies again (by PM would be best). They don't show on this thread for me
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here are my new smilies, hope you like them i would send them
by PM but i'd have to send quite a few PM's due to the character limit.














:laughing: (laughing)






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Just testing some of the new icons


Hope people don't get too :LOL:

Thanks blue!
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there seems to be some missing... i dont know if you took
a break, or couldnt get them all in, or just decided to pick a few, but,
half of them arent in yet, so, i'm just curious if they will be going
in or not.

these are some of the ones that are missing:

- i thought this could be frown#2 because you have two of these guys ---> <--- in the legend.

also, in the legend you have two : happy2 : of the same smilie --->

and i was curious why some of the smilies have two colons : : and some
only have one : - it's very confusing... :confused3

i'm glad you like the newest smilies, it takes so long to get them all
together and then exported and then uploaded and then copied here
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here are some more:

- which i think would also make a good icon.

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