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Cat has strange odor

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I'm a bit worried about the fact that that my cats have this strange chimal odor (similar to anti-freeze.) I'm particularly worried because I recently bought a dry cat food (Health Diet Chicken & Rice) and I was feeding it to some stray cats that were hanging around in my back yard, and I found one of the cats (which happened to be pregnant) dead a couple of days ago. I had also fed this food to my indoor cats although not as often.

Are there any known toxins that could be in cat food that would cause them to have this type of body odor?
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Do your cats go outside? I'm just curious if they could have come in contact with actual antifreeze.
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Not familiar with the brand. IMO I'd not use it and I'd take your cat to the vet for a check up.
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Time to get to the vet .. common ordor causers


Anti freeze consuption


Food not ageeing with kitty
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Cats should definitely not be emitting a chemical odor. Are they acting okay? How long have you noticed this? I hope they did not get into some antifreeze because it's deadly. And I hope some jerk neighbor didn't intentionally leave out a bowl of antifreeze for those stray kitties to drink. I'm told cats love it because it's sweet but extremely poisonous. I'd definitely have them checked out.
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