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Chase has a UTI?

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I took Chase to the vet yesterday for a general check-up and bloodwork. They did a urinealysis, too. And apparently it's good that they did, because he had blood in his urine, joy! And a slightly elevated white count. I was rather surprised, actually. He hasn't shown any signs of something being wrong. He's eating very well and using the box normally. And he eats almost entirely canned food. I can't get the meds and the specific results until Monday, because they were already closed today when I got off work and got the message. (The main reason I'd gone was to ask about his weight. He stays rather thin now. But the rest of the bloodwork, including thyroid, came out fine, or so the message said.)

Last time this happened, last year around Oct., it took a full month to get rid of it (though he was feeling better after a day or two). Is that normal? Of course, that time was worse, I knew something was wrong as he'd stopped eating. (Though he was still using the box normally then, too.)

I know I probably would have been better off waiting until Monday to post, since I can't give any details like his pH and all, but I just hate for this to be happening to him again, and don't know why it is. So at the least maybe he can get some get well quick vibes. He thinks it is pure torture to be given meds, so I am really not looking forward to this!
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For preventing this from happening again....

Feed him HIGH quality food, more wet food or preferably ALL wet food. Wellness makes a grain free variety which is excellant. There are also dry food specifically for UTI.
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He is eating mainly Wellness Grain Free (Turkey&Salmon and Chicken&Herring - he won't touch the ones without the fish) and the Iams entrees (Beef, Chicken, and Turkey&Giblets), with the occasional Evangers, Innova, or Solid Gold wet. I leave out Solid Gold dry for him to nibble on, but he barely touches it. He might eat a handful every couple of days.
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I'm sorry to hear that Chase has a UTI again.

Yes, some cats are more susceptible to UTIs that others. And, yes, some cas need more than one course of antibiotics to eliminate the infection. Did he have crystals when he had the UTI in October? Did the vet prescribe a special diet or any medication to dissolve the crystals and prevent them from forming again?

I agree with Jen that an all wet diet may help prevent future problems. Cats have a very low thirst drive. Their metabolism is designed to get moisture from the food they eat. More moisture in the diet encourages urination. The less time urine spends in the bladder the less opportunity for bacteria and crystals to form. What brand of wet food are you feeding him now?

If Chase is a problem to medicate have you tired Pill Pockets? They're a soft, squishy treat with a hole for inserting a pill. Most of my cats willingly accept them as a treat and gobble up their medication. They're available at most pet stores.

Good luck to you and Chase. I hope his infection clears up quickly. Positive thoughts to both of you.
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Like I said, he's already eating almost exclusively wet. The only reason I leave the dry out at all, is that he is thin, and any extra calories he decides to take in are a good thing.

He had no crystals, thankfully. It doesn't sound like he does this time, either, but I still need to speak with the vet. The vet in Oct. said his pH seemed fine and didn't recommend changing anything about his diet. The medicine he was given then was liquid, so the pockets weren't really an option. I'll probably ask if he can get a pill form this time. I don't know if he would eat the pill pockets, though.
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HOw old is Chase???

FISH is the MAIN meat culprit in UTI ... due to high cal and phos plus high magnsium since the "bones" are ground up with the fish
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Chase is 13. I keep trying to get him to eat more things without fish, but the silly thing does not want to cooperate, so I've been compromising and going with the meat and fish ones. He used to love the Max cat cans, though, so once they are back I am hoping he will still like them and I can get more non-fish into him that way..
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Also add in if you can some "senior" cans ... as these often have "extras that aid in digestion ...
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I wasn't aware there was much difference in the senior for the canned. I'll look for some to offer him next time I'm out.
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The poor boy is starting to feel his UTI, it seems. He's acting like he did last year, still excited about food, but barely touches it once it is in front of him. The vet just gave me Amoxicillin, which.. I am not thrilled about. It did not work last time, and liquid is a pain. I'll give it a couple of days, I suppose.

Do the Meow Mix tubs all have fish in them? I don't think he's ever turned down one of those.

Edit: Okay, the one I could find ingredients for was MOSTLY fish.. and it wasn't a fish flavor, how silly. I guess I'll head to the pet store tomorrow and look for something else to tempt him with...
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Oh.. and, would it be helpful to give him Bene-Bac? I have some left over from when my rat was sick.
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Yes bene bac helps... right now the sweet ish taste may get him eating.. Sheba tubs are tasty and two of them no fish at all
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I guess the antibiotics are doing their job, as he ate like a little pig today. He had a little diarrhea, probably from the antibiotics.. hopefully the Bene-Bac helps that.
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I also would try the Sheba premium brand gold metal tubs.
I just discovered a couple weeks back. They are very juicy
and meaty ( no vegetables - my cat hates them) , one
is a chicken breast and I forget the other, no fish. Dont get the
fish one I know they have. I dont know how many people here dislike or like. I have a UTI girl and this extra juice and meat is a god send to me.
They are a bit pricey .99 - 1.08 a can depending where is buy and
I think they are only only 2.8 oz, less then fancy feast cans.
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Chase will sometimes eat the Chicken or Duck sheba tins, but he'll turn his nose up I offer them too often, so I just give him a couple every couple of weeks. The petstore really didn't have anything new. I got a Merrick can to try again, but he still didn't like it. I got a Wellness Chicken, but I don't expect him to eat it, he never has. He's getting tired of the Felidae, and only eats the one with a little fish in it. Our Petsmart doesn't have the Nutro Max cans back in yet, and couldn't give me a date for them.

I think I'm going to have to try ordering a few things off Phydeaux for him to try.. any suggestions?
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meow mix??? YES fishy but if mixed with sheba I have had luck
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