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When to begin feeding kittens regular foods & some other questions

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Hi everyone,
At what age should I begin to feed the kittens regular foods - and what are the foods I should be feeding them?
Right now they are only 2 weeks old and I know it is too soon - but I like to be prepared.
I have to say, they are adorable. Almost all of them have their eyes open now and just today began trying to walk. Hilarious to watch. All previous concerns (eyes, fleas) have been addressed and they seem to be doing very well. We have decided to keep 2 of them and the Mom (we took a pregnant stray in) and have them all spayed/neutered and properly vaccinated. I would keep them all if I didn't think 5 cats was a bit much for a small home!
I do have a question about this - we probably would not qualify for low income spay/neuter programs - yet the cost of having 3 done at the same time will be very difficult on our budget - does anyone know of programs to help out when you are not in the low income bracket? We will get it done no matter what - but trying to do it at a minimum cost would be wise as well.
Also - does anyone recommend vaccinating them yourself or should you always go through a vet? I have read online that sometimes people do it themselves for a lower cost. Any opinions on this?
Anyway - we're willing to do whatever we need to, of course - but just looking at all the options!
Thanks for your help,
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First of all, the mother cat should be on a HIGH quality kitten food, available to her at all times. Eventually she will bring the kittens to the food and they will follow along. Some may start at 4-5 weeks and some not until 7 weeks. They should be with her and allowed to nurse until they can all be spayed and neutered at 10-12 weeks.

There are low cost options all over the place. Just post what city and state you live in and we will help you find something. Then when the kittens are being adopted out, ask an adoption fee for all of them. They also need 3 rounds each of kitten shots and deworming.
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Thanks Jen,
I do currently have her eating Iams kitten food - hopefully this is a good one.
I live in Toledo, OH on the north side, very close to the Michigan border. Thanks for helping me out :-)
I was originally planning on giving the kittens away for free - but fearful that people who don't want to pay any money may not make the best homes. Also, if I pay for the spay/neuter up front on ALL the kittens, then I know they will not go out and not be fixed and add more to the cat population. However, if I'm going to put the money into all their vaccinations and spay/neuter - then I think your right - I should charge an adoption fee.
Thanks for your advice. If you can advise of someplace locally to get them spayed/neutered less expensively - I would sure appreciate it.
What is a ball park estimate of what I should charge for them when the time comes?
Thanks so much-
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It totally on how much you spend on them and how much you want/expect to get back reasonably.

It COULD cost you hundreds of dollars to go thru a regular vet but the likelihood of getting hundreds of dollars in adoption fees back is not too likely That is why i suggest low cost clinics. For me it costs $25 for males and $45 for females. Vaccines cost maybe $30 each for all two-three sets. So I ask an adoption fee to cover these costs. BUt I would make them the same amount so that people don't go for the males just because they are cheaper.

Does that make sense?

Low cost clinics to look into:

United Humanitarians Low-Cost
2641 Westcastle Dr
Toledo, OH 43615
(419) 537-1970

Planned Pethood

United Humanitarians

Maumee Valley Save a Pet

Animal Wings

Operation FELIX

Wyandot County Humane Society
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do you know what ones your keeping yet? if its two boys you could get her done and then do the kittens at a later date(keep in mind brother/sister will mate) also look into getting a shot/spay or neuter at same time(my vet requires a rabies and 3-1 either before or same day as surgery.
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I don't try to introduce kittens who are fine nursing with mom till they are between 5-6 weeks old. They really are not interested in solid foods.

When you start, take a spoonful of canned kitten food and add warm water and make it kinda soupy. Then put some on your fingers and hopefully the kittens will lick it - if not, open their mouths and put a little on the tongue to get them interested.

Offer the mix several times a day at first - by the time they are 6-7 weeks old they should be eating more solid foods. You can introduce dry kitten food when they are eating the canned pretty well.
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I introduce the food when the youngest ones are trying to get into the oldest one's canned food. For my most recent litter, several of them started trying the canned food at 4 1/2 weeks.
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