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Hehe...I can't resist...

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I know that I'm just asking for teeth and claws to be embedded in my skin but I just can't help myself. It's darn near impossible to resist rubbing and grabbing Everest's fuzzy kitty tummy.

I'll never learn.

Anyone else suffer from the same "problem"?
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Yes. Ophelia bites through my skin like every time I try to rub her tummy, but I never learn. Sooner or later she will learn not to bite so hard.... I say she will learn because I cannot resist kitty tummies!
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Kitty tummies are irresistable! I believe it's wrong not to try to rub them.
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Originally Posted by pushylady View Post
Kitty tummies are irresistable! I believe it's wrong not to try to rub them.
So true! Every once in a while I can sneak in a raspberry or two.
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I'm lucky in that my boys are quite passive with us, so I get to rub tummies and give kisses too. Their tums are so soft and snuggly.
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Twig hates having his tummy rubbed. He bites and rabbit kicks.
The others will avoid exposing their bellies if they don't want a rub, but on occassion, there is one girl that lets me rub her belly, if just for a minute or two.

Then there's Rocket. The Belly rub hog. Anything for attention I guess. He's such an attention hog he'll flip over for a belly rub on occassion too.
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Cody flops over and insists that I MUST rub his belly! If I don't he keeps following me and floping over for a belly rub, lol!!! It isn't often that I don't comply to his wishes. I can't say the same for my other cats....
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Topaz loves belly rubs - except from Aristotle (see thread Topaz does the Venussa Fly Trap). Ari will tolerate for a moment then will start chewing on me.
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Fluffy lives for tummy rubs from her Daddy. He is her whole world, and tolerate anyone else. Pepper loves tummy rubs, but we have to be careful, because she is easily over stimulated, and will grab and bunny kick if she gets too excited. She gets her little feelings hurt if you scold her for it, and pouts when you stop. She will wait a little while and give you hugs if you scold her. It is so cute. She is a big, strong girl and could really do some damage if she got a good hold on something.
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Mitties doesn't have a choice. I simply CANNOT resist rubbing her fat belly! But good thing she loves it anyway. How could anyone resist rubbing this belly?

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That is a truly yummy kittybelly! That little white spot in the middle would make a perfect spot for raspberries.
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Same here. Reyah does this and it's just too tempting...

Of course, you touch her belly and she grabs you with her front feet and kicks you with her back. The kittens do the same thing.

Hera doesn't mind belly rubs, though. If you get her when she's like this, she'll just try to give your hand a bath, too, though.
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I'll move this to fur pics
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Yup - Löki and Jacob love their tummy rubs! The morning routine is jumping on Meowmy - get up, get up, it's brekkie time. And then it's tummy rub time on the way to the kitchen to get their breakfast. what a pair of hambones!
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