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New here!

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Hi all, I just joined today and figured I'd introduce myself.

My name is Sarah. I'm 18 years old, and a huge animal lover. My knowledge lies mostly in dogs, but my soft spot is cats -- hard to explain. Hehe

I currently have 8 cats. Also living with them are 8 dogs.

My oldest is Marbles. She is a 22 year old Calico female. She's outlived all of her babies (she came to my mom pregnant), 2 of which we used to own. She's my brother's cat to no end. You'd be surprised at how well she gets around for her age! No eye sight problems, and not deaf, but her hearing isn't as good as it used to be. We like to say she has selective hearing LOL

Next is Tags. She is a 1 1/2 year old female B&W DSH. I recieved her from a friend of mine shortly after I had to put one of my cats to sleep. She's my baby girl, despite her nasty attitude. She was such a sweet cat when she was a baby, but once she had a litter of kittens (my fault, as well as the rest of my family's for not keeping her in -- she's now SPAYED and was immediately done so after her litter), she just turned into a different cat Ah well, I still love her. I only have one out of her litter that survived. One died shortly after birth, the next died at 3 weeks from what we believe was "drowning " (vet thinks she burped and regurgitated and then inhaled), the runt died of pneumonia at 4 weeks, and the most recent was hit by a cat right in front my house . Mind you, I live on the inside of my neighborhood and we rarely have cars pass through. We think it was the newspaper guy.

Tiki is the son of Tags. He's also B&W DSH. He's got the cutest little tail. It's not bobbed, but it comes to a stop at a certain point. Hehe I'm the only one who can really pick him up, and the only one he comes to for attention. He's a momma's boy

Spike is a 6 month old B&W DLH. My boyfriend was extremely attached to Biggy (the one who was hit), and I wanted to get him another buddy. Meanwhile, he became fast friends with Tiki. He has the cutest meow. It sounds like he meows through his nose, cause it's not a very loud meow but sounds nasaly LOL

Kia was adopted from our local shelter. She is a 5 month old Tabby/White DSH. My mom went to take a look over there one day after being at the vets, and spotted her. My mom immediately fell in love. She's such a CUTE little girl and such a laid back personality. She's really "not all there" and has some balance issues from time to time, but she's healthy as can be! She looks like a rocking horse when she runs.

Momma Pearl and her kitten Jetta were surrendered to us by our friend's neighbor. They were moving to a place that didn't allow cats, so they needed to find somewhere for them to stay. We opted to take them, along with Jetta's brother (now named Simba), and two tabby DLH we called "The twins". Pearl has a tumor on her head and we were told by them that their vet told them she didn't have much longer to live. Well, to make a long story short -- we're disgusted by the way they've left these cats to go. They were always locked in a room, and Pearl is battling an infection of some sort. We were thinking a UTI/Bladder infection, but now I may be thinking Pyometra (she's not fixed) because she is periodically passing a gooey, white-yellow substance and the anti-B's we were given aren't helping a whole lot. So we're going to set up a spay appt to see if that will solve the problem. Pearl is solid white with blue eyes. Jetta is B&W and approx 7-8 weeks old. Simba is all white with yellow eyes, but our friend who told us about the cats kept him. The two twins have been homed with a close friend of ours.

Bobby is the last one. He was left with us from a couple who had been staying with us. He was miserable when he was first here because he had never been around dogs and other cats. But he adjusted quickly and was comfortable that they didn't want to upset him when they moved. They've moved again since then, so I think it was a wise choice. He is lovable towards people and tolerates the dogs and cats as long as he doesn't feel cornered. He's a DMH, manx mix.

Phew -- LOL I never knew how long my intro could be having so many cats! Hehehe Sorry it's so long, but I just wanted you all to meet my kitties.

My dogs are three Siberian Huskies, German Shepherd mix, Pit bull, and 2 purebred chi's and 1 chi X yorkie.
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Hi! Welcome to TCS!

You definitely have your hands full. We have 4 dogs and 6 cats (well, right now...2 are fosters), and I thought I was busy.

22yrs old?? Wow! Can't wait to see pictures of your babies!
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Welcome! I see your username is similar to mine!
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Ahhhh....white kitty!! Definately get Pearl fixed ASAP, if it is pyometra, it could kill her quickly.
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First thing I want to say is if Pearl doesn't have Pyometra it could be cysts on her ovaries which still needs to be taken care of quickly. Secondly, I hope you really like it here and there are tons of super nice super smart people who can help you with anything you could possibly need! Hope to see you around the forums!
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Hello and welcome to you and your kitties & dogs bet things are pretty busy at your place cant wait to see some photos

Its great here theres always lots to do and see and theres always someone on hand for those kitty type queries

Glad you dropped by to join us - enjoy the forums !
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Thank you for the warm welcomes everyone!

TickyTat -- that's too funny. I chose my username because that's what I call one of my cats.

Once I get home from work, I'll be sure to post pictures of everyone for you guys to see.
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Originally Posted by Ticky-Tags View Post
TickyTat -- that's too funny. I chose my username because that's what I call one of my cats.
I call my Mitties Ticky too! Great minds think alike....
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Welcome Cant wait to see pictures of all your furbabies! 22 years old is impressive!
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Hola y bienvenido a TCS, ...Catulina y Milky te saludan!!........
(Translate: Hi and Welcome to TCS, Catulina and Milky say hello to you!!!...)

See you on the forums!
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Hello and Welcome to you and all your furbabies.
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Hi welcome to TCS!
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Hi & welcome to TCS! It's great that you've joined us!

If you have any questions as you find your way around the site, please feel free to click on my username and send me a private message. I'll do what I can to help.
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WOW! Lots of kitties! WELCOME!
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Welcome Sarah! Always happy to see another animal lover

Thats amazing how many cats & dogs you have. They are lucky to have you!
That is great how Marble is 22 years old and still doing well...Thats wonderful

Keep up the great job you are doing with your animals!
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