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Jake has had a flare up

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Well gosh.... poor Jake has had a flare up again. I've been watching him closely since our move on May 4th. He seems to have these flare ups during times of stress. Must trigger that autoimmune thing. I dunno... Anywhoo, I noticed right after we moved he started losing clumps of fur but it was also spring. So I've just been keeping a close eye on him. But last week I noticed he was losing weight and not eating as much again. And he wasn't quite isolating but he definately wasn't as active. He'd just stay on my bed all the time or under an end table in the living room. So I started the syringe feedings right away. He had gone down to 8 lbs (from about 11-12) but now he's on his way back up again and is 8.5 lbs today. Poor guy. I told him he better knock this crap off! So today he is more active and has more interest again and was following me around this morning. That's a good sign.

So.... if anyone has been wondering where I am (probably not but figured I'd let you know anyway). I've been taking care of Jake, helping with the plans for my daughters wedding and helping prepare for the birth of my other daughter's first baby.

Please send some vibes & prayers out for little Jakey. He's just had quite the struggle for his life. The only thing that keeps me going is just that I love that little fella so much and I know if I force feed him and help him past his stressors, he still has an excellent quality of life ahead of him.
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Poor little Jake! I am glad you saw all the signs and got things going in the right direction. I hope that he continues to improve and that he becomes stress free and doesn't have anymore flare ups any time soon if ever! Kitter and I will send many healing vibes for him!
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Aw, poor Jakey! Sending lots of "get past this stress" for your sweet boy. He certainly has had a time of it, poor babe.
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Oh Jakey....please eat good & get fat for meowmy!
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I'm so sorry to hear that Jake is having another episode. Poor little guy, he's already been through so much in his little life. Good thing he has such a wonderful and attentive Meowmy who loves him so much. Sending lots of to sweet Jakey and his Meowmy too.
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I've missed seeing you around here, though I figured I was just missing posts.

Please tell Jake how many of us love him, we want him well and with you for years to come.
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Lots of for Jake! I'm sorry to hear his problems have cropped up again.
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Aw, sorry to hear about Jake. Bless you for taking such good care of him. Lots of healing vibes coming your way for sweet Jake.
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Thanks everyone. I appreciate the support and all the vibes. I'm glad I had been watching him and saw the signs. It helps to get him going on supportive care as soon as possible. It's just so frustrating that this sweet little boy has to go through this from time to time. And there's really nothing much different the vet or I can do for him. It's just frustrating.
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Awwwww no!. Poor Jake

Lots of mega healthy, healing heading Jakes way

Awwwww look at him in your siggy, bless his little cotton socks
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
Awwwww no!. Poor Jake

Lots of mega healthy, healing heading Jakes way

Awwwww look at him in your siggy, bless his little cotton socks
Thanks. Poor Jake indeed. I just feel like he is such a nice kitty and he deserves so much better.

He's eating a little bit on his own today but still not that much.
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I am so sorry, I am just seeing this...Many prayers for sweet Jake
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Poor little Jake. Sending destressing vibes to him.

(With me, Jake - ooooommmmmm, oooooommmmmm, oooooommmmm - deep breaths )
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Checking in on Jake
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for Jake and prayers and
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Thanks, everyone, for caring and checking in on Jake. I just don't know. He seems slightly better the last few days but I don't know if he really is, or if it's just what I want to see. It's just been strange this time around. He doesn't act as sick as the other times but is too skrawny. I feel like I'll break him if I pick him up. He looks less yellow to me the last couple days. And he's been more social. He is eating a little on his own and I'm still supplementing with syringe feedings. I've been told today that this is just going to be reality for Jake from time to time for the rest of his life.
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Lots and lots and lots of healthy vibes for Jake!

Tammie, don't doubt yourself and what you see. You know Jake better than anyone, and while you may want him to be better, you won't look past the obvious. But you will notice the little improvements, and rejoice in them.
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Prayers going out to him. Poor guy
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Sending skritches to Jake. I know he's getting the best care possible, and all the love he can handle.

We should compare assist-feeding stories. I wonder if Jake is as good as Tyler at flinging bits of food after being fed?
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